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Annabeth from percy jackson naked

AN: Hello and welcome to the final main chapter — chapter 50 of Percy Jackson dirty truth or dare! It's quite short but I hope you like it!

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Hey, remember when I wrote this about Annabeth seeing Percy naked for the first time?

Chapter 11

I am so sorry to those people who asked for it, I just never had the motivation! After her exchange with Miranda, Annabeth went straight back to her cabin…her thankfully empty cabin. Thought after thought filled her head. She wondered if Percy now expected to see her naked.

No, that was a stupid thought. She actually laughed at the idea of going back to his cabin and just throwing her shirt off, Percy would be red for days. The next thought was how she was going to look him in the eye the next time she saw him, she had the strange feeling her eyes would go straight to his crotch. She argued every thought, weighing the pros and cons and laughing at herself for how silly she was being.

He was her boyfriend, seeing him naked would happen eventually.

It was enough to get her out of bed, ready to find Percy. It was the first time she saw him after the incident, he was sitting on the steps in front of his cabin, thankfully talking to Grover instead of paying him any attention.

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She lost all nerve and ran to the archery range where she was meant to be almost thirty minutes ago. Her entire day went like that.

If Percy was in the arena, she was on the lava wall. Nothing could bring her to talk to him again. Not even when she finally bumped into him at the stables after dinner. Her first instinct was to run, which she tried so, so hard to do. But Percy was too quick, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into one of the empty stalls. She cursed herself for not fighting back hard enough.

Percy jackson and annabeth chase naked

Holding her shoulders, he kept her from turning away from him, however, she did manage to keep her eyes locked on the stall door, still fearing that she would have to urge to look down. They just stared at each other for what seemed like hours.

He was the first to speak, she regretted not opening her mouth before him. Percy sighed and finally let go. She watched as he slid down the wall across from her, taking a seat on the stack of hay that was pushed against it. He ran a hand over his face, stood up, seemed to change his mind and sat down again.

Percy only nodded, Annabeth knew it meant he understood. He let out a single huff of laughter and she fought the urge to throw something at him. I saw your, your, penis!

Seeking happiness

Annabeth actually did throw something at him this time, a handful of hay that she hoped was mixed in with mud and not droppings. This time he pulled her so that she was sitting down next to him.

Now will you turn to look at me? Pull your pants down again?

She shot up and held his hands still, her eyes locked on his. It smells like the Ares cabin.

When they finally got back to the cabins, Percy stopped before she could enter hers. Shuffling her feet she mumbled something under her breath. Leaving Percy red-faced and wide-eyed.

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