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By Sam Creighton for the Daily Mail. She never hesitated to make the most of her voluptuous figure in their sketches, but at times the Monty Python boys went too far even for Carol Cleveland. I have read he is the richest. They have all done very well.

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What was it like working with those guys? In a word Dull, dull, dull!! Actually, I had a ball! We ALL did. They were great days and great guys. I miss them! Those chaps allowed me to be as silly, saucy and outrageous as I wanted to be Sometimes they'd give me a really rude line to say They'd chuckle like naughty schoolboys because only I could have gotten away with it! That's what they were, naughty schoolboys who deserved a good spanking. A spanking, a spanking! And then the What's so wonderful is how well Python has stood the test of time. It still works!

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The last time we'd done this production was in at the Hollywood Bowl in California, playing to people a night for four nights. I had always thought of that show as being the pinnacle of my career We now played up to 17, people a night for ten nights and in one word It was a very new production, but at the same time The past fourty years just slid away.

Eric had turned the show into a musical! I now had the chance to play character roles I loved doing that, but I did however insist upon wearing a showgirl costume for the final !

The Pythons have said they'll never again work together on stage, but I'm sure we'll all meet up again somewhere, sometime The Pythons weren't able to play all of their parts themselves, and were lucky enough to have a very talented stable of supporting players to back them up. But, whether they appeared in one show or dozens, none is as dear to the hearts of Python fans as their One Ingenue, Carol Cleveland.

If there was ever a seventh Python, there can only truly be one candidate.

Carol cleveland nude

Carol Cleveland started out in the very first Monty Python's Flying Circus, and appeared in two-thirds of the original forty-five shows, as well as virtually every important Python film and stage show that followed. Carol brought exactly the right attitude to the shows, and the group always tried to use her whenever a real woman was required. We simply liked what she did; she was very easy to get along with, she could be very silly when required and she didn't have an excessive sense of dignity.

I thought she was absolutely excellent. She was very solid, very professional, very likeable and easy to have around. She was absolutely right for what we wanted," says Terry Jones. When Ian MacNaughton took over, he kept trying to bring other girls into the shows, and they were always hopeless. Because it's very difficult to come in and try to hit the same key - but Carol did. We'd insist on Carol if it was a big sketch, but when it was a small bit, especially in the first season, we'd allow Ian to choose other girls.

But they never worked the same as Carol did. They would have all been much better if we'd always just had Carol. She was the unsung heroine because she was so spot on," says Michael Palin. She instinctively knew how to get all those laughs out, which is not necessarily by going over the top Carol cleveland naked mugging.

It's all teamwork, sharing the laughs with the others. She was so very good when she was in love with the pantomime horse! She was able to cope with anything that was thrown at her. She didn't particularly want to become a Python, she didn't want to write, she didn't seem to hold any grudge against us for not writing better parts for women. She enjoyed doing what she did, and she knew she did it well, and there was a feeling of confidence when we'd give a part to Carol.

You knew exactly how it was going to be done, and it was done right. Excerpt from "The First 28 Yrs. Above: Me marrying the entire Python team, as they asked me nicely.

Why i refused to go topless for monty python sketch: actress carol cleveland says she changed her mind after filming attracted large crowd

Much thanks to Python Monty Pictures Ltd. Official Monty Python site: montypython. Me on the Pythons What the Pythons Say Left: How the Circus kept Flying! Original artwork by Terry Gilliam. Left: Having fun at the Hollywood Bowl.