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And that seems like it should be the best kind of protection. Nothing at all.

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I'm about to embark on a one-shot that takes place at a black tie gala event. I was curious, out of all the playable races that could reasonably make sense appearing at a formal event, are there any who could show up nude and it wouldn't be frowned upon?

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Maybe Genasi or some sort of Eladrin Elf. Both with body ornamentation like glued on crystals or other body painting. One could make case for things like tabaxi, which have fur and thus can be "nude" without actually being uncovered or indecent depending on how one interprets their fur, but even then. One would assume that any such events would be places that invite ornamentation and costumed excess - critters with fur would die, ornament, or style their fur, and likely wear heaps of jewelry in lieu of more typical clothes if they didn't bother with formal dress.

Anything with skin will be expected to cover that skin at any formal event in any world D&d nude familiar with. After all, one can hardly show off their wealth, status, and good fashion sense by not spending hundreds of gold on extravagantly overpriced formalwear, ne? EDIT: That said, if you feel like being nude just because? Disguise Self allows you to take on the appearance of any fashion you desire while not actually wearing anything beneath the illusion.

It not only allows you to flaunt your skin in secret at such an event, but it'll save you a ton of cash.

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Forum Loudmouth Club. The FLC gets snarky with each other. These are not attacks. Thanks for not reporting them as such. Great points! I'm playing a Bugbear, and am allowed one uncommon magic item, so I've chosen the ring of mind shielding in part because it allows my race to be indiscernible by others.

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My character never wears clothes, so I was wondering if there was another, non-evil race I could tell the attendees I am to avoid some level of conflict. All races are game for this one-shot. I'm not sure how a bugbear is "undiscernible" as a bugbear with a Ring of Mind Shielding. You still look like a bugbear. People can't read your mind and say "that's a bugbear's mind!

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In The Tamuli, D. Eddings second series follow up to The Elenium, one of the Empresses the Emperor had to have one wife from each of the kingdoms he ruled over by law was from a culture where their tradition was blatant nonmanogamy until there was a pregnancy. So basically she went around overtly topless especially at formal dinners when she would Well, mostly, she still wore less than everyone else as part of her traditional culture attire.

We get snarky with each other, these are not attacks. Thank you for not reporting us. Ah yes, Deanna Troi's mom One of the most hilarious recurring guest characters of the series. Realistically speaking, everyone at the highest levels would at least have enchanted robes or the like.

Now, this could be more like Ancient Egypt I think it was the Egyptians But I can't think of anyone based on race that would go naked. Even the frog and fish people wear something, iirc.

Acceptable nudity?

The actress who played Lwaxana Troy was also the same actress who played Dr. There's a fair of races that might lack externally visible genitalia many non-mammals lack themwhich is the most likely to be acceptable nude. Ranking them. Another option to avoid having to find a bugbear sized tux or gown would be for your character to be described as a servant of one of the other characters Or just play the chewbacca card straight out Afterall Chewie stood up in front of the rebel alliance with Luke and Han at the end of Star Wars with very little on.

Then again, he was denied a medal I think many of the fey races, pixies, nixies, etc. But as far as telling attendees you are some other race, I'd go with some story that you are D&d nude fairy race whatever appearance you choose to match that But if you go that way, please This is a movie over 40 years old, and it's the first time I've ever seen someone D&d nude out that Chewie is functionally nude throughout the whole thing.

This suggests pretty strongly that in a good story and setting this stuff just doesn't come up because it doesn't matter. It doesn't need to be relevant and it's the kind of thing that can creep people out.

I would have been just fine going my whole life without ever questioning whether a bugbear has external genitalia. Face the terrors of the Mists here! In Free Up. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Last edited by Yurei : Dec 15, Last edited by Aonaran : Dec 15, Last edited by pangurjan : Dec 15, BioWizard "Dungeons and Dragons is the most fun you can have with your brain.

Last edited by Mephista : Dec 15, Last edited by IamSposta : Dec 15, Can I just express how happy I am this thread has shifted to Star Trek? Not being sarcastic. Ranking them Warforged: routinely depicted as not wearing clothing, though it sort of doesn't count Locathah: illustrated as nude.

Tortle: Turtles do not have externally visible genitalia, and not obviously clothed on the cover of The Tortle Package. Lizardfolk: illustrated as mostly nude, but a 'monster' species Neutral, however. Grung: illustrated as nude, but a 'monster' species Dragonborn: not generally illustrated nude, but D&d nude.

Aarakocra: not generally illustrated nude, but many birds lack externally visible genitalia.

Kobold: not generally illustrated nude, but reptilian. Monster species. Thank you all for the replies!

Acceptable nudity?

Gives me a lot to work with! Posts Quoted:. Thread.

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