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Debra tate nude

Sharon Tate's legacy has long been tied to the gruesome tragedy that was her death. It's now been more than 50 years since the shocking Manson Cult killings and her passing. Here, we remember the actress and the life that she lead in photos.

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I have always felt bad for the Tates of courseand all the victim's families.

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This always grossed me out. Even though she wasn't hideous, she still looks like a butterface. Top that off with how she looks now and I want to vomit. That not only makes her no better than anyone else who has exploited the case for money, but a scumbag. This is just a fictitious story, like the kind you probably find in Penthouse forums.

I think she definitely had a wild past, but a lot of people have. I don't like to judge her as harshly as others. I don't know DT, and won't pretend to. There are plenty of skeletons in people's closets, including her. Of course, I think her decision to pose with her starfish out was way more rebellious than anything I would of done! Her parents were probably mortified. I do wonder if this "spread" pun intended was the cause of her family strife? Funny, I thought of Penthouse Forum when I read this. Yes, it's just a story contrived for blockhead readers of those magazines.

I'm sure she had no input. I think that those who find fault with Debra Tate do so because she is so quick to judge others' motivations in profiting from or exploiting of her sister's death when she has on countless occasions done many things that could be just as easily construed as the same thing - Were they?

I won't judge one way or the other, but if you're going to attack others' motivation you should expect to have your own motivations attacked. My opinion is she brings this judgement on herself because if she wasn't so self-righteously condemning others, she would never come under the scrutiny thrown her way. She Debra tate nude Alisa Statman of wanting a bill passed allowing family members to as anyone as their deated speaker at parole hearings when she uses the very law to possibly gratuitously attend Van Houten, Davis, and Beausoliel's parole hearings.

55 photos of sharon tate you've probably never seen before

She attacked her niece Brie for publishing a tribute book to her grandparents, mother, and aunt when she too is publishing a tribute book. She acts as if she owns the franchise on who really loved those people and behaves as if only she can speak to the truth about their lives. And, she attacked her niece Brie for publishing the book strictly for financial gain when she, through her website, has been selling calendars, BBQ aprons, coffee mugs, and plate holders with Sharon's photo on them at her Shop Sharon website for profit.

As the saying goes, those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

Cindy some of that is news to me I never totally understood Deb, and certainly she has made some bad decisions She gets some room for error from me due to what she had to go through, as long as she doesn't hurt anyone. Nothing she ever did seems to me bad enough to warrant the outright hatred some show her- though granted some of these deeds Cindy mentions are beyond self centered, and actually could be hurtful to others.

Being totally honest - I think she is sort of sexy in this pic The pictures were in bad taste and came at a bad time.

I still think Debra was the real beauty in the Tate family in her younger years. Dooger said That word always cracks me up "but her face Debra's mouth seems to have a natural frown or maybe she frowns she doesn't really have a Lamborghini, a mink, and a beach house. I never understood why she attends Bruce Davis's parole hearings. One of Gary Hinman's relatives even wrote a letter to the parole board stating that she did NOT give Debra Tate authority to speak on her behalf.

Debra tate nude think Debra should definitely go to Tex and Pat hearings only. There is no point in going to the others. Of course, on the other hand, all of those people were involved as a group, and maybe she feels that she needs to stand up for all the victims! I just don't know Why didn't Robin I mean Vera jump in on this one to protect Debra's honor??? Guess there's not a whole lot she could say. No need to be nasty about a woman's looks.

Interesting it was all one paragraph. Goes to show ppl's attention spans have deteriorated, just as Ray Bradbury said in Fahrenheit It is a stupid mindless story. Wow, the 70s.

Fifty years after the pregnant actress and six others were murdered by the manson "family" over two nights of unspeakable violence, the slain star was portrayed in three films in

And it is a horrible set of snaps. So crude. Post a Comment. Tuesday, September 24, Debra Tate and the Oui article. This is the text of Debra Tate's Oui magazine debut.

Yep, aside from the one dozen photos, one being the centerfold, there are words amongst the photos! This was published March I know some wonder why so much scorn is heaped Debra's way. This is just one example of her actions that have contributed to that scorn.

There is nothing demure or tasteful Debra tate nude the photos, nothing is left to the imagination. The timing of the publication couldn't have been worse either. Leslie Van Houten's second trial began January just weeks before Debra's photo spread. While Leslie was not being tried for the Cielo Drive murders those murders were back in the spotlight and undoubtedly Doris and Paul Tate were having an emotional time of it. The piece was one long continuous paragraph, I split it up where I thought it was appropriate to make it easier to read. Debra just smiles. What does she really want, they ask.

Debra says mink. And high heels. And cherry-red lipstick.

But primarily mink. Because it tickles when your naked. Like a man. As you can see, Debra has come of age.

Picture detail

She has dealt with that which had to be dealt with. She is not running after a movie career and has no interest in the sort of public life that Sharon lived.

Debra wants none of that. She has her own concerns.

Secret concerns. By day, she passes for just another spectacularly built California girl who races horses down the rolling verdure that le to her beach house, body surfs in her front yard ocean and thinks happy thoughts: ermine-lined plates; finding her inner peace in a sable. But that's just the daytime. In the early evening, she lolls around with the black sheep of Hollywood, a circuit of brothers, sisters and children of famous people.

They have quiet luaus by the pool. They complain about est seminars. Debra is soon bored. She presses a button and the time lights up on her gold watch. Deliverance is near, for after midnight, the leopard changes her spots and the fur fantasies begin in earnest. Debra sneaks off to a gay disco with a pack of boys.

Sharon tate

She wears her Black Diamonds mink over nothing. This is her comment on the Hollywood status scene: everything on the line: price tags up front. The dancers bop-ba-bop. Debra takes her time. Suddenly, as if by accident, she lets her mink fall open. A tinsel star falls from the ceiling. Somewhere a galaxy explodes. One man drops his drink. Debra blows him a kiss.