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Donna rice nude

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Besides dangling six-figure fees, such magazines as Playboy and Penthouse wine and dine these formerly obscure women and offer the promise of nationwide publicity. The reason is simple: Scandal sells. When Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle was chosen as the Republican vice presidential candidate, Penthouse and Playboy rushed to resurrect features on Paula Parkinson, the comely blond lobbyist who accompanied Quayle and two other politicians on a golf outing eight years ago. Jack Kemp R-N. She first appeared in the November,issue, featuring several nude photographs and her version of what happened with Bakker.

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Donna Rice Hughes spends a lot of her time leading reporters and legislators through the Internet's red-light district.

From a hotel room in St. Louis, where she is promoting her new book, "Kids Online," Rice Hughes took this reporter on a tour of some of the Web's smuttiest sites, ones which are freely accessible to minors. The images are jarring -- one Web site depicts women in sexual positions with snakes and horses; most are too lurid to describe in print. One reporter threw up after "surfing" the Net's netherworld with her, Rice Hughes said.

Rice Hughes calls this "porno stash" her most effective weapon in her quest to shield children from cybersmut. It is hard-core pornography of bestiality, pedophiles and violence," said Rice Hughes, who is vice president of marketing for Enough is Enough, an anti-obscenity organization in Fairfax, Va. InDonna Rice was something of a household name when she was captured in what she calls "the old lap photo" -- photographed on the knee of Gary Harta married presidential candidate, aboard a Caribbean yacht named Monkey Business.

Hart, then a U. Today, Rice Hughes, 40, is a nationally recognized leader in the battle against online pornography. As one Beltway sage wryly observed, lawmakers now court her for support, not romance. And she, not Hart, speaks before the Senate. Indeed, Rice Hughes is a major force behind a new law that would require commercial cybersmut peddlers to establish age-verification systems to keep out minors. If not, the sites must pay state and local taxes.

Donna rice nude

Simply put, Rice Hughes and her supporters want the same laws that protect kids from print pornography extended to the Internet, without infringing the First Amendment privileges of adults. After the Hart imbroglio, she served briefly as a spokeswoman for "No Excuses" jeans and then "went underground" for seven years -- in Los Angeles and later in McLean, Va. She eschewed interviews and kiss-and-tell book offers as she pieced together her life.

Her carefully cultivated Southern perfectionism -- Bible-reading Christian, biology major at the University of South CarolinaPhi Beta Kappahead college cheerleader, pharmaceutical sales rep, model, actress small parts in "Dallas" and "Miami Vice" -- had been obliterated by the scandal. Donna's story is about redemption.

Donna rice naked

The turning point came inwhen she married Jack Hughes, a high-tech consultant, and met Dee Jepsenthen-president of Enough is Enough. Although few people at that time had heard of the Internet, Jepsen already saw it as a major new distributor of pornography. Jepsen talked to Rice about the "rape myth," a belief held by some that women who say no to a sexual advance really mean yes.

Jepsen, and others, believe that pornography is a major contributor to the rape myth.

Donna rice nude

Jepsen's views clicked with Rice, who said she had been date-raped by a friend in college and believed that incident led to her "destructive" relationships with Hart and others, including musician Don Henley and Prince Albert of Monaco. In earlyRice Hughes went to work for Jepsen. At first, "it seemed like the opposite of everything I wanted to do, especially after coming from a sexually stigmatized past," Rice Hughes said.

But she became passionate about the work because she said she didn't want other women to go through what she did. But this woman seemed to have pulled herself together," said Jepsen, who is married to former Senator Lee Jepsen, R-Iowa. InRice Hughes made her public re-emergence.

At a news conference in a U. Senate building, she addressed a phalanx of reporters about the dangers of Internet porn. Since then, Rice Hughes estimates that she has given 1, interviews and hundreds of cybersmut tours.

Her book, "Kids Online," was published in September. Her efforts helped drum up support for former Nebraska Senator James Exon 's bill on pornography, the genesis of the Communications Decency Act. Although the U. Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional last year, Rice Hughes played an instrumental role in framing its legislative sequel, the Child Online Protection Act.

COPA "is not going to obliterate pornography on the Web," she concedes, "but it holds those who are profitable, the operators of commercial porn sites, responsible for their actions.

The American Civil Liberties UnionElectronic Frontier Foundationand Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a lawsuit last month in federal court in Philadelphia, alleging that the bill stifles the free exchange of ideas. Despite the divisive issue, Cox and others have a healthy respect for Rice Hughes.

Donna rice nude pictures

Both were whipsawed by political sex scandals and then deluged with interview requests and offers to cash in on their notoriety. And both largely shunned the spotlight. Rice Hughes, who weathered her media onslaught by going underground for seven years, said she would "certainly have a lot of private advice" for the former White House intern "if she sought it out and wanted an empathetic ear. That was their choice," she said.

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It just wasn't my choice. Rice Hughes received a five-figure sum as spokeswoman for "No Excuses" jeans shortly after the scandal with Senator Gary Hart.

She has never said whether or not she slept with the former presidential candidate. She calls two interviews she did with ABC's Barbara Walters in as among the best decisions she made. Whatever Lewinsky decides to do, she at least will have the option of learning from others' mistakes, according to Rice Hughes.

Donna rice

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