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Fallout 4 cait naked

For some reason one of the Cait's "Cait Likes This" options is to walk around the Wasteland without clothes on. So, if you take off all of your armor and clothes, and literally just fast travel around between safe towns, you'll get "Cait Likes This" every time you load into a new area.

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Getting your character to max affinity with each companion except Dogmeat and Automatrons will unlock a special perk that is a permanent boost to your character. Many players will want to max affinity for all of the companions who have Perks useful to their build, or one they'd like to have a romance with. Befriending your Companions: Affinity Each action taken around the companion whether following them or not will result in your score going up or down. Being x refers to dialog choices, which can have a big impact on affinity. Use your best judgment when talking to Quest NPCs to decide if this or that dialog choice is mean sarcastic or violent start the fight. Some Companions hate or like it when you help certain Factions.

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. I'm doing my second run through the game, and I've been playing with Cait as companion for a few ingame days now. And I'm not getting any [Cait liked that] messages.

Likes and dislikes list for all companions

At all. Drinking booze? Picking locks? Taking drugs?

Fallout 4 guide – the companion guides: cait

Fast travelling and changing cels naked? Seriously, that last is a major WTF? My first play through I maxed her affinity out in a hurry by doing the fast travel naked thing. Those are the only things I can think of that are recent changes.

I will confess that I haven't used a human companion in a while before the changes - I maxed out Piper and Nick early on, then Danse I am using F4SE, and I'm not using a lot of mods, either. Here's my load order.

My last LOOT check was about 4 hours before I posted this question, and there were no conflicts reported. I was thinking to myself "I should be getting into the backstory dialogs with Cait by now. And noticed I wasn't getting any.

Here's a thought. I completed the main quest line with the Minutemen before getting Cait as a companion. Yes, it CAN be done! Just ignore those. Is it possible that having a positive relationship with all three of the main factions turns off her affinity?

Fallout 4: companion perks

Picking locks got nada. Danse didn't comment on my upgrading and modifying power armor.

Hired MacReady, broke into places, got violent, stole everything that wasn't nailed down. The few that tried unistalling the game, deleting all mods and starting over said it seemed to work for a while, but the bug came back. I'd like to get affinity working again. UPDATE 2: Doing more research - some of the players reporting this issue on places like Steam and reddit are saying they are playing clean games - no mods.

Darker Nights I don't know about, but it does change perception distances at night, so maybe? C'mon hive mind! I'm not the only one who's experiencing this affinity bug. I'm on my second playthrough and using Piper for the first time more or lessgot 50 mods and no real problems maxing her affinity though she is a slightly tougher nut than Cait or Curie. I had an issue like that with cait a couple of games ago. I just forced her affinity to with the console and it seemed to straighten her out.


This is a really bizarre issue in that the people reporting it don't seem to have any clear similarities in systems doesn't appear to be a hardware triggersome are on their first play through with 20 - 30 hours of game time, some are 2nd or 3rd play throughs with hundreds of hours of play with no issue doesn't appear to be time in game triggeredsome people are playing absolutely stock, vanilla Fallout 4 with no mods doesn't appear to be a mod triggered issuesome are playing games that are modded to Hell and back with no other problems when WHAM!

The companions just stop reacting to the things you do.

Which all of a sudden makes me think Community Forum Software by IP. Board d to: Nexus Mods. In Create .

Posted 05 May - AM. EvilGeoff Enthusiast Members posts. Any ideas what might have gone buggy? Better yet, any ideas on how to fix it? I'd like to get it up to start her personal quest. I have not had an issue with cait, but I let her go after getting her over Posted 06 May - AM.

Posted 10 May - AM. Posted 11 May - AM. Posted 17 May - PM. TheGadget Faithful poster Supporter 1, posts. Posted 18 May - AM. Back to Fallout 4 Technical Support.

Reply to quoted posts Clear. IPB skins by Skinbox.

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