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Final fantasy 15 naked

The director of Final Fantasy XV has urged modders not to go too far with the creation of nude mods.

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Fans of nudity are in luck, I guess, it was recently discovered that there are nude files in Final Fantasy XV. The game is chock full of attractive characters, so the news should please anyone who might be attracted to some of them. Players looking for these will likely be surprised with what they find, since the nude files seem to apply to several characters.

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Final Fantasy XV was released last year on consoles and the PC version was under speculation since then.

However, the PC version is officially confirmed for release during early Recently, the game director Hajime Tabata spoke with PCGamesN regarding the PC version while announcing the mod support, he showed his concerns over the nude mods on the PC version as the platform has no limits nor it will bound players with their gameplay style. The game has a of mods, including the nude mods and the director said that all of these mods will be accepted in the PC version but they will have their own impact as well.

While speak during the Gamescom event, he said that. However, during the end of his interview, Tabata concluded that the players will be given freedom to use or create mods of their own choice as they are paying for a game so they do not want to impose any kind of limitations.

I basically want, as a principle, to give as much freedom and as little limitations on it as possible. What do you think about the nude mods in the popular games such as Final Fantasy XV? The game is due some time in the first half of for PC. Stay tuned for more updates! About .

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