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The foxy Francisca Lozano is an actress best known for her work in Romina

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The role was portrayed by Florencia Lozano from January 27,to March 2,and briefly in She became one of the show's most popular characters and part of one of soap opera's most popular romances for her Florencia lozano naked and volatile pairing with Todd Manning, a troubled and sometimes villainous character on the series.

The pace of the soap opera was at times overwhelming for Lozano, and she looked for a way to manage this. I have to feel sad. I don't know any other way to do it. It's hard sometimes, but also it feels good when I feel like I portrayed something honestly. Well, it is new every time because it's the first time you've done it that time. Not every character action was originally in the script.

Any of things [could] happen, which are usually the best moments. I [wanted] to be open to that.

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But it's hard, too, because I [didn't] want to screw up my lines. When you don't feel anything, it's frustrating. I'm less hard on myself because I realize how difficult what we do is.

But, as an actor, you hope that you go in there and get caught up in the moment. I think, self-indulgently, that's why we become actors in the first place — to feel things. One Life to Live viewers originally resisted Todd being paired with anyone but Blair. Lozano said "I'll never forget the time I crashed out the window.

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Kassie DePaiva Blair had to push me, and she was so nervous about really hurting me that I actually had to calm her down. After having felt betrayed by Blair with Patrick, Todd not only has trouble letting another woman into his psyche but also into his bed.

Although they have agreed to keep their relationship platonic, she finds him sexually attractive and starts to desire him romantically.

She is one of the few people to believe that there is good in him. When she gives indication she now sees him as his enemies do, it is as much a slight to Todd's well-being as anything physical. She needed those weapons, both verbal and emotional, to cut the tie because it had been so strong.

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When working alongside Howarth, Lozano never felt as though she was simply reciting lines. She said, "I feel like we're just talking, listening and responding to each other. And that makes it relatively easy to concentrate. I feel like we're connecting.

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I think, 'What if Todd were a real person in my life? Dark, sad but romantic theme music was applied to the pairing. Composer David Nichtern explained the emotion he wanted to convey. I worked on these cues with my pal Kevin Bents who does a lot of the keyboard work on the show but when it came time for the demented variations, I just had to be alone just kidding.

The writers had the couple divorce as part of Todd's defense strategy, but remarry after he was cleared of kidnapping charges.

Carlotta is naturally set on saving her son from prison. She soon sets out to gain a job alongside Nora Buchanan Hillary B. It is not long before Todd Manning Howarth notices her, seeing the asset in having her work for him. Subsequently, she moves into an apartment with Rachel Gannon then portrayed by Sandra P. Blair Cramer DePaivaTodd's ex-wife, is injured in a car accident.

While in rehab, she finds out it was Todd who set the explosion that blew up the Armitage yacht, killing Guy Armitage. The news triggers a stroke. She eventually falls into a coma. After being told by Blair's doctors she will not awaken from the coma, Todd takes action. She agrees to the deal.

She had tried to seduce Todd into having sex with her, but he violently threw her out. She happily accepts.

Their happiness, however, is brief. Todd soon becomes a suspect in the murder of a woman named Georgie Phillips. He panics, and holds everyone suspected of killing Georgie even ones not so suspected, such as his own sister, Viki hostage at the Buchanan Lodge to get the murderer to confess. Rachel finally confesses to Georgie's murder.

Todd runs off, trying to elude the police looking to arrest him. She hopes she can reason with him, but he grabs her and forces her to come with him against her will.

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He takes her to the garden shed at Llanfair. He then ties her up.

The two continue to banter when she awakens, even sharing a brief kiss. She knocks Todd out with a shovel, and later has him arrested. Todd escapes soon after being locked in a jail cell. There, the two discuss Todd's inability to have sex with her.

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He should have trusted her more with his heart and his body. Todd becomes loud. The cops overhear, immediately encircling the building. Sam Rappaport Kale BrowneTodd's former mentor and longtime father-figure, goes in to talk to Todd. He learns Todd was raped at age 14 by adoptive father Peter Manning.

When Sam tries to introduce that fact in court, Todd collapses and goes into a catatonic state. When he awakens, he appears to have dissociative identity disorder split personalitieslike his sister Viki Lord Erika Slezak. She eventually admits she is still in love with Todd. More personalities show themselves later. A split personality named Pete is seen as being responsible for all of Todd's cruelest misdeeds.

At the reception, Starr unknowingly has a tape played over the country club's loud speakers where Todd is heard confessing he has been faking the DID Florencia lozano naked avoid criminal prosecution.

She says that he was supposed to truly love her. Todd says he does love her, but he cannot change. He leaves. She tries to escape, but the door is jammed.

Once back at Todd's empty penthouse on a mission to rid it of all of her belongings, her emotions get the best of her. She breaks down in memory of her past with Todd.

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Before Todd leaves, Sam asks Todd if he was truly raped as a young teenager. Todd's answer is ambiguous.

The two share an emotional goodbye. When he informs her he caused a gas leak, played mind games on the people of Llanview, and he was the one who had recently shot a gun at R. Gannon Timothy D. It is not until Todd tells her he had "been all over the world" trying to erase her from his mind and he could not, that she begins to understand his train of thought; it was his way of showing how deep his love runs for her. Having made his devotion known to her by telling her that he would make the world end for her, Todd brushes off the notion of typical love.