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Gregory harrison naked

Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.

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Pictures from the made-for-TV sensation are widely available on the 'Net, but I'm posting this because I know so many of you are only interested in the article. He goes on to say: "Having experienced this and come away a little more sensitive about it -- being judged by the size of my muscles, the shade of my tan, the size of my penis instead of my heart and mind -- this story touched me on that level. Patti Reagan's motto after working with Gregory? Just say blow. Posted by Kenneth M.

What is my age I'm just over fifty
Nationality: I'm french
I like: I prefer male
My body type: My body type is skinny
Music: Latin
Tattoo: None

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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Did frontal in the Harrod Experiment but all videos of the film have been heavily censored. Who had the power to do this? If I had been as gorgeous as Harrison I'd have had no need for cocaine.

I'd be doing nothing but getting off my rocks whenever I wanted to. I never heard about the cocaine use. How many celebrities actually grew up on Catalina Island?

Gorgeous, sweet guy. He is still handsome, at 67 to have a dad bod is natural, if he hit the gym he prob could beef up a little. Gregory Harrison wanted to do a sitcom and ed a deal with CBS. They gave him a 22 episode order on the condition he appear in the final season of Falcon Crest to boost their ratings. So he did a year or Falcon Crest, followed by his sitcom "The Family Man" which was cancelled after one season.

Was in an elevator with him at William Morris once. He smiled at me when I got on. Quite short and a very large head but I remember thinking he still looked good for his age. No apparent plastic surgery or awful fillers. This was about 8 years ago though.

R9, I hope you're seriously not bitching about his body?

He's almost 70! Looks great for his age.

I only wish I looked as good as he does now,and Im 10 years younger. I loved him back in the day,but honestly I sorta forgot about him for a while. He periodically appears as the father not grandfather in tv shows - he's the daughter's roommate's father in DL fav The Middle.

Lisa Rinna was his wife - which then lead you to Harry Hamlin who is I worked with him on Steel Pier. He can sing and dance really well. Very handsome man still. One of my favorite films is Fraternity Row. Hard to be believe that I saw Gregory harrison naked film 40 years ago when I was in college. Anyone who doesn't see that Greg still looks incredibly attractive and sexy at 67 must be very young.

Interesting his name came up because he was one of the first men I remember who claimed he was the victim of sexual harassment. At the beginning of his career, actor Gregory Harrison remembered, he was propositioned by a female casting director, and since turning her down 15 years ago, has never been offered a role at the network where she still works. Oh please R59, thats a perfectly respectable piece of meat.

Not all of us need a traffic cone to feel anything.

I bet you thats a fat 6 incher hard,wich is a perfect size. R60 is Ellen Burstyn and Ann B. Davis who were both completely satisfied by Gregory's 6. You develop a knack for sizing them up after a while. Sadly the swimming pool photo reveals that Gregory suffers from tinymeat under 7 hard - or possibly even micromeat under 6 hard!

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I can't believe I haven't seen him on anything in many years. When I was an adolescent, I used to watch him emerge from the shower in the opening credits of Trapper John MD and think he was perfection. He always reminded me of Michael Ontkean, also gorgeous and also known for playing a gay character.

The usury banking criminals who promote this - which is but one part of their agenda - are indeed Satanists. Ok, so I was who originated in the 80's - therefore, I had zero knowledge of Gregory until he appeared in the tv show Sisters in the mid 90's. He was one of my first crushes as a pre-teen. I found him to be breathtakingly hot and remember jacking to him many times. With a little research it was harder back in those daysI was able to track down some of his cheesy, bad tv movies from decades prior - For Ladies Only being the best vehicle to fantasize about all of the Gregory harrison naked things that I wanted to do to his gorgeous body.

So yeah - I have been a life-long fan. Being a relatively bad actor, he nonetheless has an amazingly lengthy body of work mostly in tv of course.

He certainly has done well for himself and has been an actively employed actor for consecutive decades now. Good for him. And yes, I would still fuck his ass any day, any time.

Sex on a stick! We cruised the shit out of each other in a bookstore in a hotel lobby sometime in the s. I've always wished I'd had the nerve to actually talk to him that day. It was then I knew that girl should get out of the acting game altogether.

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I've seen better performances in high school one act plays. I laughed when I saw this thread -- my partner regularly mentions Harrison in the shower in the opening credits of Trapper John MD. I was at a Hallmark dinner party with tons of people, a lot of celebs one year and he was at my table. I said to his grown daughter who was there 'your dad is really cool.

Randi Oakes is a lucky bitch. I never liked her on C. Out of curiosity I looked up Randi Oakes R Agreed.

Gregory harrison - '80s tv superhunk

They both married well. Also their marriage is a long term success, a rarity in Hollywood. Good for them. For gay guys, we were always "on alert", recognizing that we were always seconds away from seeing the holy grail, some jock in all his glory. For straight guys - back then, at least - so many of them probably never thought twice about getting undressed, walking around naked, and just taking care of business. A moment in time that will probably never be recaptured. They moved the family to Oregon in the early '90s, apparently. Not living in Hollywood does wonders for a marriage.

I assume she stayed home while he kept working away from home. Does a guy like this really stay faithful with all the options around him?

I only discovered the show in reruns in the late 80s or early 90s so it did have a life in syndication even if it was brief.