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Henry rollins naked

Famed punk-rocker and spoken-word performer Henry Rollins has spoken candidly about being sexually abused as. The former Black Flag frontman revealed his mother's 'perverted, mean and drunk' boyfriend molested him when he was just seven years old. I'd done something wrong and Mom got him to come over and straighten me out,' the singer wrote in an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Louiseetmartin: He fucks his friend in hot lingerie and cums on her ass.

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As for me, again I am going to get coffee and queue some stuff up for you all.

I started writing out some juicy stuff to post last night but then I fell asleep. But believe me…it will be posted. Anonymous asked: I'm a female, and of course he'd be good at it, he's Henry Rollins for goodness sake, the man who believes real men give their lover orgasms!

Play with my friends wife.

I'd want him to flick his tongue, suck on my clit, while fingering me till I cum. Right after that he'd turn me around and make me beg him to "slip it in" then fuck me from behind while tugging on my hair, playing with my nipples, and occasionally smacking my ass. Of course he would be good at it omg. He is indeed Henry Rollins and how could he not be good at it, the perfect combination of bad boy and intelligent man who understands your needs. All enveloped in a strong and mature body that can work you over until you have had enough.

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Consequently all my Rollins fantasies have also involved him fucking me from behind. Anyone have a different kind of fantasy? Anonymous asked: I would make Henry go down on me while I grasp at his grey hair and rest my legs on his muscular shoulders. Are you male or female, how hard do you want him to go down on you?

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Do you think he would be good at it? That I am in a hotel at the desk and I look over and see him looking at me. We make eye contact longer than strangers should and I smirk. I ask for my room key, loudly and clearly saying the room and then touch his arm as I walk by back to my room to wait expectantly…. Where can I send Henry Rollins naked pictures? My own get old sometimes. I might be looking for a partner to help me run this Hit up the ask with fantasies, comments, suggestions.

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December 2nd, at PM. Another new follower. Welcome to our party. Please feel free to do or say as you wish. This is Henry Rollins and you want to have sex with him right? Talk to me…tell me your fantasies.

Spread it around. If there has ever been a blog to solely exist seemingly for my enjoyment… Yours and mine maam, yours and mine.

'he was mean, drunk and perverted': punk rock icon henry rollins opens up about being sexually abused as

Look at our new follower…that makes 7! December 2nd, at AM. Thats better anon.

I am never drinking and tumbling again. December 1st, at PM. I like getting tattoos.

I have this one fantasy.

They seal off my pores from the world. You are showing less and less of yourself.

Giving less of yourself to them. Less for them, more for you. This is good.

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Tattoos are permanent. They stay on for life. They make you say something. I am no longer a Caucasian. My skin is white, black, green, red, purple, yellow, etc.

I am a minority. I am going to beg you to go into more detail darling. I am a little tipsy and would love to hear more please. Followers, encourage this lusty person. I have this one fantasy. I ask for my room key, loudly and clearly saying the room and then touch his arm as I walk by back to my room to wait expectantly… Come on I need to get this stuff off my chest.