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Janelle big brother nude

By Brian Porreca. There are many versions of Big Brother across the world, but there is only one Julie Chen.

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Victor Arroyo has leaked text messages exchanged between Nicole Franzel and Janelle Pierizina prior to their feud on. She made it onto Final 3 twice and is one of only two houseguests to have competed on both All-Stars seasons of the series. Nicole Franzel first competed on BB16 and made quite an impression for her knowledge of the game. The general public was not aware that there was ever any conflict between those co-stars. However, Janelle and Nicole are now feuding on BB22and Victor decided to get involved on social media. On the official Twitter for the Coco Caliente podcast which is co-hosted by Nicole and VictorVictor leaked a series of text messages allegedly exchanged between Nicole and Janelle after their drama on The Amazing Race.

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User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register. Forum Leaders. Welcome to the Kaysar and Janelle Appreciation Thread! This is a place dedicated to our favorite couple from Big Brother 6! DreamerChild13 Kate 2. ReachOut 3. SupportMcPhee Alicia 4. Naleylove22 Stefanie 5.

Big brother recap: did janelle pierzina save herself from eviction?

Rainstorm Jenny 6. Moochie Stephanie AmericanDirrty DarkQueen When you and Ashlea were talking, you actually did give me a 9. Janelle: Your personality. Kaysar: Really?

Janelle pierzina claims that nicole franzel is targeting tyler crispen on big brother all-stars because she's jealous of his popularity.

Janelle: mmhmm Kaysar: Interesting. Janelle: But I only got to know you. Kaysar: Oh. Janelle: And I gave Howie like a 5. And I gave Michael a 7. Kaysar: But now Michael is like up there and mine went down. Janelle: Not necessarily. Janelle: how do you know. Kaysar: Cause Janelle: Why?

Kaysar whispers: I could of had you but then you went for Michael. Oh well. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Janelle: well I never knew that you would even, you know, whatever. Kaysar: well in the beginning, not to uh because now that you and Michael are a item, I just defiantly was like Janelle: Kaysar. So you thought I was nice. Did you tell Michael that. Kaysar: No, well uh actually I did. Janelle: what did you say to him? Kaysar starts to laugh. Janelle: You just Janelle big brother nude you did.

Cause like, he's like so, this was before like you even got involved in the group, so he was like, he kind of gave me a look and I was like no its nothing. And then uhh, he was like you like her and I was like nothing could happen. Kaysar: and then I was like. I never knew. Janelle: I'm so glad you are back in the house.

It's such a relief. Kaysar, laughing: Is it, or are you just saying that because you are drunk? Janie goes downstairs to get cookies and ice cream and her and Kay banter back and forth. Janelle: You're so cute Kaysar! Kaysar: No, I'm not Janie! Kaysar: I could've had you. Ahh well.

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Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Janelle: Well. I never knew that you would even, you know. Janelle wins the chess match, but the flirting continues: Kaysar: I'm going to find a good nice girl like you one day Janie! One that re Janie: Do you like Buxom blondes?

Kaysar: I love them, they are my favorite. Janie: How much do you love Buxom Blondes? Kaysar: I'd give them a 9. Kaysar: That's true. The highest I've given anyone is 8. Janie: Oh, Kaysar! I'm your first 9! This one is shorter than that one, and that one has polish on it and Janelle gets defensive and pulls her hand away.

She tells him she broke a couple of nails when she was drunk the other night. Kaysar: For someone who is so beautiful, you are so insecure! I point out one little thing and you freak out. Janelle: Well, I don't want you looking at them. Janelle: I don't know. Something else. Kaysar: Something else? Kaysar: Let me know when you go to Minnesota, we have to hang out in L. Janie: You have to come up. Kaysar: I will. If we lose touch, I'm gonna be pissed. Janie: Can I borrow your Hairbrush? Kaysar: of course Janie: I love this brush.

Kaysar: The brush loves you too. Janie: does it really?

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Kaysar: No Laughing. Janelle: Check bitch. Kaysar: You're such a dork. Janelle: You're so stupid. I'm going to shoot myself. Kaysar: Check Janelle: Wait. Give me that piece back.

Kaysar: No, you took back like ten moves. Janelle: Give it back, everyone deserves a second chance.

Photos bikini bodies galore from the big brother 14 live feed!

I'm just the buxom blonde. Kaysar: No, shut up. Kaysar: Can I hate you for a second? I want to see what it feels like Janie: Why would you want to hate me? Kaysar: I'm just kidding. I'm never gonna hate you, are you happy?