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Lacey on naked and afraid

Aside from Amber Hargrove and Lacey Jones, here are the other participants.

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Lacey, who was challenged to survive by herself in Africa for 21 days, still has flashbacks about being cold and alone in the African savannah. Mental toughness will also play a key role in making it through the day challenge alone. Lacey, an Army veteran who was deployed to Iraq, is no stranger to rough conditions. She grew up on a remote island off the coast of Maine without any running water.

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The oldest of 5 children, she and her family lived off-the-grid without the luxuries of running water or electricity. Their household consisted of a generator and a wood stove that allowed them to cook and stay warm, but apart from that, their house was an unconventional one.

Her father, Lacey describes, was nomadic and had grown up living off the land. Having lived in tents growing up, he raised his kids the same way, and Lacey remembers spending many months a year living in tents during her childhood. Lacey is years-old and lives in Du Quoin, Illinois, where she helps run a gun store.

Lacey ed the Army right out of college and also spent time deployed in Iraq. Not just the physical aspects, a big part of what Lacey likes about the challenge is pushing her mental boundaries. Lacey met her husband Cody while she was in the US Army.

After her contract ended, she moved to his hometown of Du Quoin, in Illinois, where the couple now lives with their two children: Oakley and Olive. Lacey and her husband run a gun shop together, named Jones and Son Guns, and also aim to provide Concealed Carry Classes. Cody is an NRA-certified instructor.

Despite being concerned for her welfare once he realized that she had gotten selected, Cody continued to support her. According to him, having been naked for so long, when Lacey got back from the survival challenge, she found it quite challenging to remain clothed for long periods. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit .

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