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Leah naked and afraid

Instant attraction gives way to unforgiving conditions on a Nicaraguan island teeming with bull sharks and big cats. As the struggle to survive hits a low point a brutal flood threatens to w

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If Leah Chandler has a regret about her appearance on "Naked and Afraid," it's that she didn't get the chance to show how far she could go. The year-old from Dry Prong was pulled from the survival-themed TV show after three days because of an injury.

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What did you think of this weeks episode in Nicaragua? What did you think of the survivalists?

Leah built her own raised platform and wind shield he just wanted to lay under trees, as if that were sufficient sheltershe dug the well that he immediately fell inand started the fire. He didn't bring any skills that I could see. I think Leah really could have finished had she started with the 2nd guy.

This episode was great, I was rooting for James and I'm glad he made it, that pesky jaguar made me nervous. Never seen a bigger wimp like that first guy.

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I couldn't believe we actually saw a jaguar and a human in the same frame! I would have built 1, spears pointing out of my shelter - yikes!

I would have thrown the machete at that bird! After the first flood - I would have moved the camp but aside from that - not much else to add. Happy belated 50th birthday to James and what a better way to celebrate your birthday than in finishing a Naked and Afraid challenge?!?

The bugs were a thousand times worse when you were anywhere other than the beach. That is why I kept the camp on the beach as long as possible. James did a good job but I didn't understand him saying that the fish would be played out in three or four days.

Surely not all the fish in the lake. Also, I would have baited all the hooks I had and kept them set out while I went about other business.

Were they sleeping under a fruit tree? I could swear right before the first guy tapped, there was what appeared to be an orange hanging from the tree over his shoulder. It might not have been edible fruit - for instance, some species of Wild mango taste like turpentine.

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Did anyone else notice the coral snake at the beginning was not a coral snake? Found the internet!

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. That first dude was lazy as shit.

I haaaate bugs. It could have been a different species of coral snake. More posts from the nakedandafraid community. Created Aug 4, Top posts april 23rd Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.