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For nearly two decades Lucinda Williams has traveled a twisted musical path. Too bluesy to be strictly folk, too folkie to be pure country, this Louisiana singer-songwriter sampled several genres before settling into an earnest hybrid of styles that garnered her a small, devoted following but was too much of a hodgepodge for broad commercial appeal.

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She likes the Moody Blues and champions Sade. Some of her fans listen to N'Sync. Her own songs are so emotionally charged they make her cry.

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Jerry Jeff Walker was known to the world as a first-rate singer, songwriter, and performer.

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In Texas, the longtime Austinite was also regarded as a generous friend and mentor. And a prodigious Lucinda williams naked. He was a great supporter of his friends. You can read it here. Sometime in early to mid-March of I was driving to my first gig at a newly opened Austin club, the 11th Door. I had just turned onto Red River from our apartment on East Seventeenth Street when I spotted a tall skinny guy wearing a narrow-brimmed canvas cowboy hat with vent grommets around the sweatbanda purple velour turtleneck that zipped up the back of the neck, black skinny jeans and Beatle boots.

He was walking at an extremely jaunty pace and carrying a guitar case with a harmonica rack tied on the handle. Because I reasoned that he had to be going to one of several nightspots down that street, I pulled over and asked where he was going. At the Door we immediately went to a really tiny triangular room backstage to tune up.

I started doing that, but Jerry Jeff pulled out his guitar and a yellow legal pad—some s had already been torn off or folded back. He was writing intently and occasionally playing a few chords. He was obviously writing a song. So I invited him over to our apartment for a celebratory dinner. My wife Becky made a big chocolate cake and stuck a huge beeswax candle in the center.

When Jerry Jeff left that night we tried to get him to take his cake. All he wanted was that candle.

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I first heard Jerry Jeff Walker in when I was a senior in high school. We never really became friends, though. I think I just wanted to stand back and listen to the man sing. That voice and his songs were all I needed to know about Jerry Jeff Walker. His music was what led me to the well-worn bridge that spans the wide chasm from music lover to music maker. I played guitar and sang in New Orleans for a while, and then the Bay Area for a while. Music and the road were calling. I landed in Austin in I was just 21, but as soon as I got there, I could feel it.

The album has a powerful depiction of domestic violence and a gentle, moving tribute to the friends who helped lift her from depression

There was something special in the air, a little like what San Francisco must have been like in the sixties. Some were calling it the cosmic cowboy scene, and others were talking about longhaired rednecks. But whatever it was, Jerry Jeff defined it. The songs were what got me. But his other songs had so much humor, and they were anthems. I was playing for tips on the street, down in that little flea market on the Drag, by UT. But if you wanted to play a club, you had to have a band.

You had to be like Jerry Jeff and [his band] the Lost Gonzos. So Lyle Lovett would drive down there from College Station to play. And after doing that for a couple years, inI moved to Houston.

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Those two records changed the course of country music. And when the label came asking questions, he just pulled his pants down. Why am I listening to the record company? Then Waylon made his record. And the next thing was Red Headed Stranger. He had printed up his own to do whatever.

And he came to Texas and he was right there for all these kids when they were ready to take the jump. They had a leader. I first met Jerry Jeff when he brought his unique brand of gypsy soul to Greenwich Village in His infectious lust for life and generosity of spirit were inspiring too, creating a kind of family that embraced all of us working the clubs back then and beyond. This was right when I had come back from London.

And I want to go there and make a record. So we went down there and we set up in the old dance hall.

Lucinda williams bares all!

We set hay bales out on the dance floor to baffle what little instruments we had. It was just us and a few people hanging around. We were kind of just flying from the seat of our pants and Jerry Jeff was just on this magic edge. Gosh, we never went to sleep the whole time we were down there. And the band was so giving, just surrendered totally to the songs and to the music and to Jerry Jeff, trying to feel what he was doing.

And it just worked out.

Everybody was right on. Everybody played great. We hardly ever did a recut. They flew [photographer Jim McGuire] down from Nashville to shoot the scene for the cover.

And on the last day or so, they took this picture of that poster that was on the door of the dance hall. But that name kind of encompassed that whole West Texas, rough and ready, dusty cowboy type of thing. Jerry Jeff and Hondo just fell in love with one another.

One time Jerry Jeff was sitting with Hondo out on the patio at our ranch. I will always have the blues. I remember another time Hondo was depressed because his wife had left him. And that song reminded him of Hondo.

The thing about Jerry Jeff that stands out to me is that he was a great songwriter but also very gracious to other songwriters. So there I am. It still holds up. It still influences so many people, and not just because of the songs but because of the attitude. Jerry Jeff was like the Sam Peckinpah of music. He was going to do it his way. I mean, who records in a beer t in the middle of nowhere called Luckenbach, with hay bales for sound baffles? But that album is still magic today. You can Lucinda williams naked it, sense it.

Losing him is gonna hurt for a while. But the legacy is going to be his songwriting, his belief in other songwriters, and his spirit with the way he would do things, his whole cantankerous coolness. I think the first time I met Jerry Jeff was around or at a place in New York City called the Kettle of Fish, which was a bar right next door to the Gaslight Cafe, where Bob Dylan and a few other unknown folk singers got started.

I met Johnny Cash in there one day. Jerry Jeff came along with Arlo Guthrie and me to do a radio program somewhere. So I went out to Oak Hill and I was hanging out with Jerry, and Susan got tired of hearing us telling stories all night. So, we got in his little gray pickup truck—I think it was a Ford—and drove into town and we went to a place called the Raw Deal.

I think we actually managed to play two songs before they kicked us out.

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At the same time a fire had started up in the kitchen—a frying pan caught on fire. There was a big flame. So we had to back up and let them come in. When we finally emerged out the door I looked over to my left and there was a pair of sweethearts sitting up on the shoeshine stand they had out front. They were staring out over the horizon like they were admiring a sunset. They were just sort of starry-eyed, looking up at the sky. They were the best band in Austin. And Jerry Jeff was the center of everything.

He was one hell of an entertainer.