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Anyway, here are all the art references we could find in the newest season of BoJack Horsemanin order of appearance. – art history stories

The Belgian surrealist often put out-of-place objects in his landscapes to provoke viewers. Not only did the creators of BoJack give us art, but they also gave us an artist and location!

All considering, the Monets had a pretty solid relationship- perhaps Diane wanted a reminder that a successful, happy marriage is possible, even after her divorce from Mr. I just have to say I love the asexual representation in this show. This Venus is accompanied by a dolphin to allude to her birth from the sea.

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Dating back to 25, BCE, this plump statue is famous worldwide for its exaggerated sexual features and possible use as a fertility fetish object. Though perhaps that would have been too explicit, even for a sexually-forward axolotl family. Venus VictrixAntonio Canova Family can be tough to deal with.

My blooms surrounded me, and I tended them with care because I loved them. Perhaps a family is like that garden; each child a delicate rose that with the nurturing of a gardener can flourish and bring beauty to the world.

Made with a blended base of organic brazilian acai berries combined with the highest quality fruits and topped with a unique mix of superfoods.

Our newest little "bloom" is our daughter Everett. On her first birthday, I present this garden, and this cottage, in her honor! Apparently Tangled Fogs of Pulsating Yearning like art! Check out the Louis Wain painting at the left. As kitschy and contemporary Flower Eyes looks, Louis Wain was an active artist in the late 19th century.

Some people believe Wain developed adult-onset schizophrenia that influenced his colorful, strange depictions of cats. BoJack Horseman loves flashbacks. In this fantastic Halloween episode which I would argue is always the best kind of episode, for any show, everwe get not one, not two, but THREE recurring flashback Halloween party scenes. In the flashbacks, we see a Picasso-esque portrait of a horse as well as a feline version of The Green Cap by Alex Katz. I had a tough time finding an exact, human replica of this painting.

Lisa Hanawalt, the producer and production deer for BoJack whose brilliant mind came up with all the character des and art on the show, commented on our Instagram and let us know that this is actually a Lisa Yuskavage parody. Average: 5 2 votes.

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I just want Diane to be happy, okay? D This Venus is accompanied by a dolphin to allude to her birth from the sea. Alannah Clark Contributor. Comments 1. Image Url URL. Dislike 0 0 Like. You are a super-sleuth.

A horse is a horse, of course … of course?

Well done. up.

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