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Muffy crosswire naked

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Best of Freinds Arthur and Baxter were heading down to the local store one day. With a pocketful of their allowances, they were going to get some pops and chips to celebrate the final day gone of the school year As the two l walked down the street, the met up with Francine Frensky coming from the opposite direction. The athletic girl, now tall with longish brown hair strode with her backpack on her shoulder. Arthur smiled in seeing his friend, noting the tomboy girl seemed to be quite happy.

The lad waved. Francine shook her head at the boys try at being funny. She found the humor to be dry.

Arthur chuckled, as his buddy shrugged his shoulders. He obviously was unaware that the girl had been trying to be sarcastic with him.

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Arthur knew it, but decided to let his buddy figure it out himself. It was one that covered many acres in the more afluant part of town. Francine hit the intercom that was at the front gate, and the butler let her in, as usual. Muffy was waiting in her game room, when Francine came in. She turned and looked at friend, smiling largely. It might take three months to untwist my mind.

She always liked her no nonsense style of humor. With laughter, they went off to play the games in one corner of the large playroom.

Between playing their games and having the butler serve supper to them, the two girls dove right in relishing the freedom that they had, as the summer would be so very short in their minds. They were both determined that this summer was going to be the best one yet. Muffy abruptly left Francine, after a servant had whispered something to her.


The girl had just gotten up and went off without even explaining why she was doing so. Turning on the televison to amuse herself, Francine waited for her friend to return from wherever she had disappeared to With Muffy, you never knew quite where she was going, or when she would be back. That was the girl, but as a best friend, Francine could not have asked for any better than that.

She loved Muffy a lot, some said it was a little weird just how close they were. Francine just laughed that off.

Arthur, arthur read, buster baxter, d

So what, that was her best friend in the whole entire world. Muffy came back in to the games room, smiling broadly. The girl nodded, giggling more. She felt the same thing as her friend did Francine grabbed her backpack and headed into the nearby bathroom to change. This night was going to be a lot of fun, she could not wait to see just what sort of stuff they could get into.

It was always interesting, because of the spontaneous nature of Muffy After changing, they went and explored some of the further reaches of the Crosswire estate house. It was a vast house, one that had many wings that led into uninhabited corners of the mansion.

They found rooms that seemed to have never been used, or had simply stored books and other things for the time that they might be needed. Other rooms had stacked furniture, clothes and even a room filled with little statues of birds and Muffy crosswire naked creatures.

Even Muffy found these things to be way weird, to Francine After over ninety minutes of searching, they were becoming a little bored with searching the house. They stood at the juncture of one hallway that led back into the main part of the house. Muffy stood there, fingering her long pink Nightgown as she thought. Francine waited on her friend, hoping that she could come up with something to do. She stood there looking at her own long baseball jersey styled night attire, trying to be patient with the girl.

This was as patient as she could get, and it was wearing thin.

Muffy grabbed her hand and began to pull her friend off towards another part of the house by way of another hallway. She seemed to be very eager to get to wherever it was she wanted to go.

The girl was unsure what Muffy was up to, but she sped up her feet to keep up, and to stop herself from falling flat on her own face. Francine soon found that her friend had taken her into a very large room, located at the back of the house. The pool was not a ful sized one, but seemed to be one for simply splashing around in on those cold nights when the outdoor one would be too chilly. Francine looked at her friend with a curious look.

She looked at her shorter friend with a open mouth. She stood, not really knowing what to say.

What is she thinking? Muffy was not waiting for her friend to make up her mind, already shucking off her nightgown by then. Francine watched in astonishment as her friend was already partially naked, without being a little bit shy in the matter. Francine stared at the girl, who now stood there in just a pair of little pink panties, her torso bared to the moist air of the pool side.

What she saw, made her whole body shake a little bit. She could see that her friend had small apple sized breasts forming, the nipples were hard as rocks as they hit the air.

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They were rounding nicely, and seemed to be rather full already even though she was exactly the same age as she was, and they looked great along with the flatness of her stomach. A strange feeling flooded over Francine, one that she had only a few times before. She had the urge now to touch her friends perky little boobies, wanting to feel their softness in her hands. She found the crotch of her panties were getting very moist, and there was a very prominent tingling inside of herself, one that made her shift as it shot through her.

She froze, as she did not know what was happening to her. Muffy bent over, and pushed down her underwear over her hips and down her legs.

Francine noticed how well rounded her ass was, noting how arched yet muscular it was, and her legs were lean and shapely in of themselves too. Her panties were now getting even more wet by then, confusing her even more. Her friend cast off her panties to land on her nightgown at the pool side and stood straight up. She turned herself, not even a little shy to show herself to Francine.

The girl gasped and stared, looking at Muffy. The girl had a little patch of reddish brown hair that was growing around her young sex. Francine could see that her outer lips were tucked in to itself a little, yet seemed to be a little moist too. That made her feel a weird sort of excitement.

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Muffy watched as the girl disrobed, almost staring in the way she did. Muffy watched as Francine pulled off her baseball jersey nightshirt, exposing quite large but still growing breasts that were under there. Muffy could see that they were full and jutted out into the air, being almost as big as medium sized grapefruits.

She smiled, waiting for the last article to come off of her friend.

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With a flick of her wrist, Francine pulled off her panties and stood up with just a small pause. She stood there, letting Muffy see her in all of her bared glory too, wondering if the girl was thinking the things she was, and smiled hopefully. Her pussy was twitching as she saw the girl was looking her over. With a giant leap, she went in with a big time splash. Francine got her mind to calm down a little, and followed the girl into the water with here own big time cannonball dive, screaming out as she did.