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My girlfriend sleeps naked

Last night, it was thanksgiving here in Canada and we got wine drink.

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Incidentally, I don't mind if the cuddling wakes me up. I don't even mind if my second head takes over. It's all good. I love her, and all affection has been good so far. No, not generally. It would only bother me if I was really sick, or if I absolutely needed the rest, like for work or something. Chances are, though, I would be fine with it, and will just push through it the next day. Some guys might not be so cool with it though.

Every guy is different. To answer your Question Sexual Health. If you thought your girlfriend has a hot body and she preferred to sleep naked, would that bother you? And do you wake up and find it annoying when your girlfriend is snuggling into you at night? Like it goes from cuddling to rubbing?

Share Facebook. Girlfriend sleeps naked and cuddles up to you at night, can you still sleep? Add Opinion.

I've gotten used to it over the years and I like sleeping on my stomach or my back. Well, my girlfriend does have a pretty awesome body, and we often do sleep naked.

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So, yeah sometimes I can still sleep, though sometimes I get rubbed in just the right way to wake my penis up, and then my penis wakes me up, and entirely takes over. But nah, I can sleep.

Also, her snuggling me at night isn't annoying, to me, it's nice. It actually helps me sleep sometimes. I have always slept naked and guys that have been with me enjoy it. Can't say any of them have had a problem sleeping due to it. Yes, a guy wants to have sex and get it over with.

If his girlfriend is rubbing on him at night then it means SHE didn't get enough sex during the day. Guys that I've been with don't like to cuddle very much, but I think I've just got a rotten bunch. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Guys, when your girlfriend is on her period, do you prefer she wears pants to bed?

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Girlfriend wants to sleep topless with a thong when sharing a room with my guy friend? Girls, how important is affection and sex to you in realtionships? Sort Girls First Guys First. It would bother me if she don't give me any sex and then sleeps naked next to me.

Would make me restless and wanting. But if I get sex, it would be a blissful feeling. Even though sometimes things rub and I get hard, I can sleep smiling with satisfaction and a hirny thought. If I was horny and had not had any sex I would want her there under any set of circumstances Where is "there"? Lol laying next to you or cuddling at night?

KingsOfleon88 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I would go to sleep smiling and wake up smiling.

Yes, I'd be an extremely over-the-top happy man, if I had a woman like that. What if you wake up at night from the cuddling? It wouldn't bother me. I'd just cuddle with her back to sleep. I would feel happy and probably will end in sex or me cummin. I can sleep with her being naked.

You should definitely be sleeping naked—and this is why

But if she is cuddling I won't be able to sleep. I need space. Tarvold opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

No, and no. When that happens, I just pray for forgiveness for ever doubting God's existence. Related myTakes.

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