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Weird, right? The year was B. The fifteenth Olympic games were in full swing and the competition was fierce.

The traditional garment of competition was the loincloth. But one runner took it upon himself to buck tradition.

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The approximately yard race started with a trumpet blast and the runners were off! Rather, some believe a Spartan named Acanthus was the first to bare it all while running competitively.

Acanthus participated in two races around the same time as Orsippus and it was documented that Spartans also called Lacedaemonians were the first to strip naked during their athletic exercises. Post-Orsipuss or Acanthus, depending on which you subscribe to, running naked during races became a thing. Nudity was a symbol of Greekness strength and power first associated with the Spartans it was said that Spartan women were known to work out in the nude. These decorated establishments were named in honor of, you guessed it, nudity!

These days professional runners and running enthusiasts alike love them some short shorts. So it seems the Greeks were on to something: aerodynamics! Author bio: Martin Sandman is stoked on surfing, tai chi and running to energize mitochondria and breathe deeply.

Martin is a Copywriter and word nerd at Road Runner Sports and has been with the company seven years. Remember Me. Lost your password?

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