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If you run into a snag, you can go back to the this. A sequel to "Beware of Popups," Mgeni calls another friend to come over, only to discover that his condition is contagious!

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I strive to not only show the exotic and the perverse but to find its source. I urge that you support and respect the artists. Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

Years I'm 26 years old
What is my nationaly: I'm irish
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Taking Back what is Owed by gabrielmoon. Rated X. Published: Sep 28th, Tags: golden retriever 0 male 0 urination 0 canine 0 self-suck 0 humiliation 0 dog 0 defecation 0 unwilling 0. Down on their luck, an elderly couple trades the most valuable thing they have in order for coin; their son's humanity! Mommy Loves You by gabrielmoon.

Published: Sep 20th, Tags: canine 0 non consent 0 magic 0 feral 0 german shepard 0 unwilling 0 dog 0 second person 0 male 0 humiliation 0. A young man loses his neighbor's dog, but thankfully for her, she has just the way to have him replaced. Into the Satyr-Verse Preview Version by gabrielmoon.

Published: Sep 17th, Tags: wolf 0 dog 0 knot 0 anal 0 satyr 0 canine 0 straight to gay 0 fox 0 spam 0.

Two men out hiking accidently come across a portal to a world populated by canine-satyrs that were once human like them. There, they are given a choice; die, or the canine pack in the most sexy way possible… This is a preview version. Rated R.

Published: Sep 14th, Tags: messy 0 first person 0 urination 0 unwilling 0 man to dog 0 dog 0. Just a short first-person story of me casually turning into a dog one day in the park. Open to comments and suggestions on this last part. Choose Your Change by gabrielmoon.

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Published: Sep 13th, Tags: cat 1 masturbation 1 dog 1 masterbation -1 self-suck 0 male 0 self-please 0 humiliation 0 feral 0 magic 0 self suck 0. A couple of guys a game show with the promise of a life of luxury and lacking want. The Maskmaker-A Ruff Encounter by wallace Published: Aug 29th, Tags: dog 0 dogtransformation 0 human to animal 0 part of series 0.

Elliot enters the Maskmaker's shop, unsure of what to expect. To his surprise, he's about to disover more than he ever thought possible. An Entry in my Magical Consequences Series.

Idea inspired by, beta read and collaborated by Tomhur www. A Soft Spot for Strays by gabrielmoon. Published: Aug 26th, Tags: male 0 musk 0 canine 0 pet play 0 straight to gay 0 anthro 0 romance 0 anal 0 dog 0 rimming 0. A man takes in his 'stray' friend, only to find he made a wish to be loved and cared for as the man's new pet!

My Demon Puppies by horsewriter. Published: Aug 15th, Tags: nursing 0 mtf 0 man to female dog 0 wolf 0 birth 0 puppies 0 demon 0 heat 0 dog 0. A man who was transformed into a valuable female talking dog and had been bred to the demon-wolf familiar of a wizard goes through pregnancy, birth, and nursing. Daughter of Circe Revised by kevinrooste. Published: Jun 29th, Last Updated: Jul 5th, Tags: cursed 0 foolhardy 0 oral 0 m-f 0 familiar 0 fondling 0 stallion 0 dog 0 transformation 0 airedale 0 circe 0 m-m 0 inquisitive 0 ponies 0 perversity 0 magic 0 passion 0 spellbinding 0.

A recluse neighbor likes her privacy, and anyone fool enough to violate her lifestyle, she makes them a victim of her arts Summer Lake Expedition by kediveg. Published: May 19th, Tags: dog 0 sex 0 breeding 0 female 0 beach 0. A vacationing woman bumps into a new fate. Little job of Jiana 1 by yoloswaggy. Published: May 13th, Last Updated: May 13th, Tags: magic 0 mental changes 0 magical transformation 0 age regression 0 feral 0 goddess 0 dog 0 animal age regression 0 punishment 0 unwilling 0 transgender 0 animal transformation 0.

Jiana take sometime a job from human. But Jiana always has the last word. Canine Break Alt by darkness Published: Mar 22nd, Last Updated: Apr 13th, Tags: male to female 0 mtf 0 dog 0 threesome Naked girl dog tf transgender 0 bodyswap 0 lesbian 0 intercourse 0 woman to dog 0 bestiality 0 ftm 0. A woman tries a trial swap to plan her vacation.

Canine Break by darkness Published: Mar 22nd, Last Updated: Mar 22nd, Tags: female to male 0 dog 0 male to female 0 bodyswap 0 lesbian 0 woman to dog 0. A woman decides to take up a trial swap for her vacation planning.

The Salon-Blast from the The Past by wallace Published: Feb 26th, Tags: animal transformation 0 female 0 dog 0 dogtransformation 0. A old face reintroduces itself to the family as another person from Annette's past makes themselves known. Idea inspired by, beta read and collaborated on with Tomhur www. A Hotel for Dogs by tocixcog. Rated PG. Published: Feb 13th, Tags: slow change 0 relaxation 0 talking feral 0 dog 0 sheepdog 0 golden retriever 0 women to dogs 0 poodle 0 willing change 0.

Three friends go to a special resort to relax and spend the weekend as canines. After Change Day, part 4 by horsewriter.

Published: Jan 29th, Tags: man to dog 1 mtf 0 slice-of-life 0 love 0 school 0 pregnant 0 drama 0 dog 0 man to female dog 0 marriage 0. Dan's pregnancy progresses, and she sees a doctor and stuff. Dan and Marlin are going to get married!

Then school starts again. The Leader of the Pack, ch. Published: Jan 9th, Tags: heat 0 dog 0 slice-of-life 0 estrus 0 impregnantion 0 mtf 0 bitch 0 breeding 0 unwilling to willing 0 transgender 0 sex 0 canine 0 man to female dog 0.

Mike, who has been transformed into a bitch for his crimes, is alone on the streets, in heat, and can't escape from his bigger and more powerful once-pet dog Buddy, who is enjoying breeding her at his leisure as he followers her around. She's horrified about her fantasies about having his puppies, but she realizes she is in heat now and also that she's starting to fall for him, and has to deal with that The Family Pedigree by kayemarquet. Published: Jan 8th, Last Updated: Jan 8th, Tags: dog 2 revenge 1 transgender 1 bitch 1 man to border collie 0 impregnantion 0 gender change 0 mating 0 rat transformation 0 birth 0 mtf 0 animal transformation 0 Naked girl dog tf to rat 0 breeding 0 unwilling change 0 permanent 0 magical transformation 0 dog transformation 0 incest 0 gender transformation 0 embarrassment 0.

A recent commission involving a man, John, and what happens when a scorned ex, with years of preparation and stored up hatred, can do when she wants revenge not only on him, but his family too. Se7en by tfstv. Published: Dec 28th, Tags: mating 0 dog 0 man to rat 0 involuntary 0 cow 0 crime 0 baboon 0 fanfiction 0 pig 0 sloth 0.