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Whether it is our list of the best Thanksgiving episodes or our favorite Boomhauer Quotes, we are always happy to talk about the show.

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The show focused on the adventures of a normal family living in an average little town. Mowing lawns, drinking beer, barbecuing, and rooting for the local sports team are just a few of the typical, even mundane pastimes that the Hills and their neighbors enjoy.

Beneath this normal veneer, however, was a dark and hilarious comic undercurrent that wasn't afraid to tackle serious issues with families, education, and community. Hank Hill, the main character of the show, summed up a few of these issues with his own hilarious views. Here are ten Hank Hill quotes that just killed us.

The whole issue of being "macho" is revisited often in the show in some interesting ways. The image of a rough and tumble cowboy, with leathered skin and little to say, is ingrained in Texan culture.

Any hint of effeminate behavior in boys is deeply frowned upon. Religion—in particular, Christianity—has a domineering presence in Texas, but that doesn't mean that Hank doesn't have his own opinion on the matter.

Hank initially encourages Bobby to the group but changes his mind when he finds out it's using f from pop culture to lure in bored or unsuspecting. The first time he says it in "Westie Side Story," Khan first explains that he's lived in California for most of his life before telling Hank that his country of birth is Laos.

70 hank hill quotes that show his wits

Even after Khan tells him about Laos, such as where it is in Asia and how many people live there, Hank repeats the same question again. It's not just an issue of race in this particular case but a lack of knowledge of world geography that Americans seem to have a reputation for. When Bobby fails his English class in "Old Glory," which is most likely the former and not the latter, this is Hank's hilarious reaction. He has no understanding of how Bobby can have problems in English class.

Best hank hill quotes

It's a play on a pun and another indication that nuance isn't exactly Hank's strong suit. Then again, that's why we love him. We know how much the average American suburbanite loves his lawn.

Hank takes that adoration to a whole other level, as this quote from "Yard, She Blows! In this episode, Hank has to share his love of the lawn with his wife Peggy, who is determined to start a garden. At first, Hank agrees, although reluctantly, as the lawn is his space.

Once Peggy adds a corny garden gnome to the landscaping, however, the tensions really start to flare. Hank actually tried grass once. Not the lawn, the wacky kind. And this is how he summed up his feelings on the subject in "Clearly an Inferior Tobacco. It actually happened by accident when he was trying to light a conventional cigarette using a lit t.

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Whether or not he even inhaled anything is up for debate, but his reaction following is priceless, as the next few hours are more a product of his paranoia than anything the pot could have done. Hank mounts this as a defense after being accused of flirting with a female cop in "Lupe's Revenge.

This is another situation where Hank doesn't really understand what happens until it's too late, and the more he tries to remedy the situation, the worse it seems to get. When Hank wakes up early in the morning to find Bobby smelling laundry in "Texas City Twister," this is his reaction.

And this is literally only the beginning, but it's an interesting bit of foreshadowing.

We find out there is someone in this episode who "ain't right," but it's not Bobby. Hank then finds out that Luanne's laundry, including her underthings, got mixed up with his.

The 20 hank hill quotes every king of the hill fan loves

This pushes the conservative Hank over the edge, and when he goes too far, a tornado in a trailer park teaches him a valuable life lesson. This quote reminds us of the "Are you Chinese or Japanese? It's also a reference to how the view of soccer, or as the Europeans call it, football, differs depending on which side of the pond you're on.

This whole episode, "Three Coaches and a Bobby," is an interesting adventure that springs from the general insanity that permeates the world of sports and their sometimes rabid fans.

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Big cities have a bad reputation for crime and debauchery, especially if you're living in the suburbs or a small town fairly close to one. Dallas is one of those big cities, plus it has a notoriously unethical football team. Few other names in sports are more universally hated than the Dallas Cowboys, even in their own native Texas.

I don't want you going to Dallas at all! That place is crawling with crack he and debutantes. And half of them play for the Cowboys. He changes his mind very quickly about Dallas when he finds out the Mower Expo is happening in the city on the same weekend.

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