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Millions of Harry Potter fans have grown up along with the books' characters, but as these kids matured and went through puberty and started sneaking kisses at teenage parties, Harry, Hermione, and Ron did not. The Harry Potter books--and the movies, for the most part--have been extremely chaste. Frustrated fans have had to make due with fan fiction, where they could imagine all the romantic couplings left off J. Rowling's s.

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In the interest of time, many characters and plot points were left out of the films, many of which infuriated even the most loyal of Potterhe. In honor of the 20th anniversary of J. A former professional Quidditch player, he is the head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports at the Ministry of Magic, but he has a gambling problem that le to his downfall. Throughout the Triwizard Tournament, Bagman tries to help out Harry with the tasks because he has placed a large bet that the Boy Who Lived will win the cup.

In the movie adaptation, Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge announces the Quidditch World Cup, and Dumbledore instead gives instructions to the Triwizard champions before each task. Throughout the tournament, Barty Crouch Sr. In the books, he escapes from the prison along with his wife and fights Harry Potter alongside the Death Eaters both in the Department of Mysteries and when Harry and his polyjuice potion-drinking lookalikes attempt to move from Privet Drive to the Burrow.

The trio runs into their friend Neville, who is visiting his parents with his grandmother. In the books, the Longbottoms never make it out of St. Instead, Professor Snape and Filch are the most menacing characters that Harry frequently encounters when sneaking around in the castle at night.

Hermione works night and day knitting clothing to free the Hogwarts house elves. Professor Binns is the History of Magic professor at Hogwarts, who taught until a very old age and died in his sleep. Merope falls in love with a muggle, Tom Riddle Sr. Rowling opens up on a scene with the muggle Prime Minister, who is visited by the Minister for Magic to introduce him to the wizarding world.

Andromeda Tonks is the sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, who married the muggle-born Ted Tonks and was disowned by her family.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Harry and Hagrid escape to the Tonks house before taking a portkey to the Burrow, but in the movies, they go directly to the Weasley family house upon their escape from Voldemort. Ted Tonks also appears in the books after being captured by snatchers when he away from the Ministry of Magic, which was imprisoning muggle-born wizards. Ted was later killed by the group of snatchers.

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