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If you didn't already know how much of a joke the MLB's new foreign substance policy which they implemented mid-season was, look no further than Monday night, when the first player to be checked per the new rule was NL MVP candidate jacob deGrom.

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I just hung out in the lobby a little bit so I could just look around at who was going in and coming out. I kind of walked by the door and peeked in and that was about it. I didn't know anything about the bear scene.

I didn't realize there was another subgroup of big, masculine men that were gay. It was really shocking to me in a good way.

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Though men his type were feet away, Dillinger instead went to his room he shared with a teammate and called it a night. Being a closeted professional baseball player staying in the hotel with many of his Long Beach Armada teammates and visiting players, Dillinger never came close to actually going into the club. The risks were too great. The John Dillinger of would have no problem walking into a bear bar or any gay bar, a far cry from the closeted pitcher who spent 11 seasons in baseball's Minor Leagues, where he played for 15 teams and five different organizations.

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After retiring from the sport inhe came out in and now identifies himself as a happy, out gay man. He contacted Outsports after reading about the public coming out of Kevin McClatchyformer owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and was Naked pro baseball players to share his story. Ironically, Dillinger — from Connellsville, Pa. I'm very proud of Kevin and I wish he and his partner the best for years to come. Dillinger was a star athlete in high school and his focus on sports allowed him to put off dealing with his sexual orientation.

Drafted in by the Pirates as an year-old while attending a junior college in Florida, Dillinger spent the next 13 years he did not play in and bouncing around baseball's Minor Leagues, good enough to make a big-league spring training roster, but not quite good enough to stick on Opening Day or be called up during the season. An imposing right-handed starterpoundshe finished his career with a record and 4. He jokes that playing for four independent clubs in qualifies as some sort of record. Even not being really true to who I was was not that big of an issue.

He spent on the official Pirates Major League roster to prevent him from being picked up by another team, but was never called up. His highlight was spending spring training with the New York Yankees.

It was quite a change to go from fried chicken and pizza in the typical Minor League postgame spread to filet mignon with the Yankees in spring training. The other notable change as Dillinger moved from the lower rungs of Minor League ball to higher classes was the quality of the women. Despite knowing he was gay, Dillinger never acted on it once as a player he had his first sexual experience with a man when he was 33 and already retired from baseball. He just did what everyone else was doing — drinking, partying and, hooking up with girls. When he was dating women, he felt that having sex with a man would have been a betrayal, and when he was single, he was simply afraid of being found out.

His training as an athlete helped him to compartmentalize, he said. You can't dwell on anything. I almost kind of put that whole thing of who I really was in a compartment somewhere and it stayed there. Interestingly, Dillinger said he seldom heard gay slurs in the locker room or at the ballpark. Yet he stayed closeted because of fear of the unknown. He was at point where even telling his family was intimidating and a non-starter. Dillinger decided to call it quits Naked pro baseball players while with the independent Long Beach Armada.

His skills were eroding and it was time to move on to the next stage of life. His life as an open gay man began in after he told his family and had his first date with a man. He now lives in Nashville and works as an executive in s receivable for a healthcare firm in Nashville. His partner, Gregory Fisher, is also in the healthcare field and is a spiritual life coach.

Dillinger describes himself as happy and content and still follows baseball passionately. Dillinger remembers the first time he met Leyland in I was walking through the training room at Three Rivers Stadium, and Leyland was standing there naked, applying hemorrhoid cream.

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I was awe-struck I think, and I walked right over to extend my hand to shake his. I wasn't even thinking of what may be on his hands! We got a laugh and I think he stuck out his hand to bust my balls. We didn't shake hands until after he washed them. In the years since retiring, Dillinger has told a few ex-teammates that he was gay and all have been supportive. He says some of his former teammates and one coach he keeps in touch with on Facebook are looking forward to reading this story. Despite his time in the closet, he thinks baseball is ready to embrace an openly gay player because Naked pro baseball players have changed.

Teams that are close-knit and get along are usually the ones that have better. Therefore, being up front and honest with your teammates about who you are and what you are about will garner more respect from your teammates. If they are understanding and accepting like they should be, continue further and let the whole team know. Baseball as well as all major sports have come a long way as far as not tolerating bigoted behavior and homophobic slurs.

There have been quite a few examples recently. This should be no different.

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Dillinger can be reached via at jwdillinger44 msn. Thanks to photographer Robbie Quinn for use of his photos. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

A gay former Minor League pitcher talks about life in pro baseball's closet New, 23 comments. Reddit Pocket Flipboard .

Dillinger spent spring training with the Yankees. Loading comments Share this story Twitter Facebook.