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Naked swim coach

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The Swim Coach. By Rob Loveboy. Edited by Embee. Look where swimming got me today … washed-up due to a recurring ligament injury! At least I have my endorsement earnings to put to good use, instead of squandering them away like most has-been pro-athletes after their flames burn out and they become forgotten heros from the past. At least come see the team practise this Saturday.

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Ann had just finished an incredible four years of college at the state university. The only low points were barely getting a passing grade on her senior chemistry project and an injury that prevented her from leading the swim team to a national title.

On the other hand, her parents would say that the low point was that she was unattached, unmarried, and uninterested in any of the above. She was a bit on the skinny side, and had she been a bit taller, one might say she were lanky. Except for her legs. Her legs were extraordinarily muscular. These features had helped Ann become one of the best swimmers in the state and earn the Captain position on a very successful State U.

She had shortish brown hair and hazel eyes and what her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, described as the cutest tummy with a heart shaped belly button.

Ann had a round butt, whose muscular features matched that of her muscular legs. She had been dating Derek since second semester freshman year. He drove eighteen hours the summer after their freshman year to visit her at home. Ann had thought she was going to wait until after marriage, but the moment had just seemed right and she had been sure that as soon as they graduated, if not sooner, she and Derek would be married. The sex had not been great, but she greatly admired how Derek had had the self control not to cum inside her.

She figured they would have plenty of time to practice. Later, she had tried birth control, but it had seemed to drain her sex drive and enhance her moodiness. The doctor told her that those were side effects sometimes, especially for those that are particularly sensitive to hormones.

Instead, they had tried to switch to condoms. So every once in a while, she would let him slip inside her for a few thrusts before putting the condom on.

Once after getting a bit tipsy at a party they had forgone the condom altogether, which resulted in the longest ten days of her life before her monthly cycle finally came. It was an experience they swore that they never to wanted to repeat, at least until after they were settled and married. The summer before their senior year had been great. Naked swim coach had never been a matter of if, but rather of when. Ann had thought Derek was going to pop the question a couple times during the summer, and had been surprised that he had not. Ann had noticed that Derek had been very thrifty with his paychecks.

He was obviously squirreling away the lion share of them. In fact it had been. All of the chemistry majors had to do a senior project throughout the course of their senior year and ultimately present their findings. Ann began thinking about her project during the summer, and by the time school started, she had decided she was going to do her project on performance enhancing hormonal salts. Ever since her meeting with the doctor after her failed attempt with hormone-based birth control, Ann had become interested in hormones and their biochemical effects on the human body.

Being a bit of a control freak, she marveled and was disquieted by the fact that a simple shot of hormones could affect her mood in such a way. Her idea was to fuse a hormone cocktail to some chlorine salts. If her hypothesis was correct, the chlorine salts would dissolve in water releasing Naked swim coach hormones into the air, say in a bathtub or a swimming pool. Athletes could use the salts when working out to extend the workout period and gain more benefit from the workout. It was a long shoot, but Ann knew most of the senior chemistry projects did not pan out and that most of your grade came from process and not.

Most seniors did not really do much work on their project until after Thanksgiving, but Ann was so excited about hers that she dove right in, well before her first mentor review. Besides, she wanted to get as much done as early as possible so it would not interfere once swimming really picked up.

Being ahead of the curve, Ann had no problem getting lab time in the senior lab. She was encouraged by her initial binding efforts. By November 1st when she had her first meeting with her mentor, she not only had a proposal, but an actual example of a hormonal salt. She was impressed with her work, but told her not to continue with the project until he had discussed it with the department review committee. But the meeting did not go as she had foreseen it.

Ann tried hard not to lash out in anger. What the hell were they talking about! There was no way it could be done! She had agreed to find a new project and her mentor, visibly relieved that a confrontation had been averted, had agreed to help her find one. However, as Ann walked back to her loft apartment the anger began to return. They had told her that what she was doing was not illegal and within department and university regulations.

And Ann was sure that if she did manage to succeed it would be an incredibly marketable product. Her mind Naked swim coach wondered to thinking how her product could even be useful for the recovery of severely injured people. And who would not want that.

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By the time she reached her apartment, Ann had decided to challenge the decision. But she decided it was not good enough to go before the faculty with just a proposal. She needed a working product, and one that had been tested and shown to be successful. She would show them. Extremely unlikely to succeed! Yeah right Ann already had most of the work done. She doubled her efforts, and three days and several skipped classes later, she had a working product.

Now she needed to come up with a way to test it. She decided that she would test it on herself, and since these types of tests always seemed to need both male and female test subjects, she decided to test it on her boyfriend. She decided to forget telling him she was doing so, this being way too important to risk him saying no. She came up with a plan. She broached the idea of having a competition.

Both of them being fairly competitive people, they often played these sort of competitive games, especially those involving the pool. The competition would involve them swimming as many laps as they could in twenty minutes. To Naked swim coach it fair, the competition would take place on four separate days and the winner would be decided by averaging the. They had similar competitions in the past. Their drive to compete had helped both of their swimming careers.

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He accepted her challenge, thinking that he was going to win easily. Ann just needed to show that there was some improvement, some success, to make her case before the faculty. The next night Ann, Derek, and Peter, another one of the members of the guys swim team, headed down to the practice pool. Peter timed while Ann and Derek swam their hearts out for twenty minutes. Derek bettered Ann by only one lap. Two nights later, Ann fell two more behind.

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Derek offered to spot Ann a lap, but Ann would have none of it. Two nights after that, Ann snuck into the practice pool and sprinkled her altered salts in the poor near where they would be swimming their laps and went in to get changed. Slowly she slipped into the pool to begin her stretching. She took in a deep breath. The water felt tingly, but she decided that was just her imagination. Other than that, there was really nothing discernibly different.

They again swam for twenty minutes and, again, Derek bested her by a lap. She hated losing to Derek. But more times than not that was usually the outcome. Despite being at the top of her form and one of the best women swimmers in the country, she just could not overcome the advantages that came to Derek for being a guy with a longer body, a better center of gravity, and more muscle.

Ann woke up the next morning sweating. Ann kicked the thin sheet off of her, the last covering they had not kicked off as the night had gone on. Derek had adapted to the heat by usually only sleeping under a thin sheet and in the nude, a fact that Ann was reminded of as she observed Derek lying there on his back with his erect penis pointed at the ceiling. Derek was six foot three. He had very short dirty blond hair and other than some trimmed pubic hair, no other hair on his body. What little body hair he had, he kept shaved for swimming purposes.

Ann sometimes wondered what he would look like with some body hair, especially on his chest, but she also enjoyed running hands over his smooth, muscular chest and back. Especially when he would come out of the pool. He would be so smooth and wet. Ann was still quite warm and she knew it was not only because of the apartment heat.

She looked over again at his Naked swim coach.

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How smooth his skin looked. She then stared at his erect penis. She guessed it was a fair size, not having many opportunities to compare. He had asked about it once, and she had told him that it was large enough to satisfy her, whatever that meant.