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Naked swim meets

Here I am at 14, in the worst suit of all time. It was

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Author: James [ Edit View ].

A couple of times some guys mom came by to pick a kid up early or drop something off. But whenever it was a public meet where females were present we were required to wear trunks. I think this was more to protect the girls from having to see us than out of any concern about our modesty. Author: Jonathan [ Edit View ].

It was all boys in the class though a couple of the assistants were teen-age or young twenties girls. We were nude for the lessons. Some moms, I p those with farther drives back home or not running errands, stayed and watched the lessons.

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Sometimes, their might be a sister as well. This was back in the mid 50s. He mom and two sisters drove is to the Y then they went to buy groceries. I knew I only had to bring a towel and so I was prepared to swim naked with other boys. That didn't bother me I was used to the gang showers that we took after high school PE class. What I wan't prepared for was the end of the swim. About 10 minutes before our swim time ended mothers and girls walked in and sat down to watch and wait for their sons to finish swimming. One girl was a girl I knew from church and I was embarrassed to have her see me naked when I got out of the pool to practice starting dives.

When I walked by she said hi to me and smiled.

A little later my friend's mother and two sisters walked in. His oldest sister who was close to my age look at me standing there and smiled also. By time the swim period ended there were probably 5 or 6 mothers and Naked swim meets or 9 girls, probably sisters watching. I was embarrassing to have walk by them naked on the way to the dressing room. I went the whole week with my neighbor and had to swallow my pride and let girls I knew see me naked. Sunday at church two girls who had seen me smiled and told me how much they enjoyed "seeing" me swim with the other boys. It was embarrassing but at the same time a touch exciting to know they had seen me naked.

Author: Sammy [ Edit View ]. It wasn't until after they sinned and confessed to God that they were naked. Instead of getting after them for being naked, God asked, "WHO told you you were naked? Maybe you should also try to forgive. But I am glad to hear you didn't give up and run and hide.

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I am also happy to hear that you didn't try to cover your penis, your 'privates'. Author: Matt [ Edit View ]. The YMCA wanted people who may have been too poor to be able to afford to buy a swimming costume to be able to enjoy having a swim and by making nude swimming for males mandatory swimming was made possible for all regardless of class. Author: Jaquard [ Edit View ].

Author: spelvin [ Edit View ]. But now that you mention it, it was a bogus reason. Author: Gary [ Edit View ].

Some moms and older sisters would come early to pick up the boys and would just sit and watch while we swam nude. Some would bring along a younger sister with them. It was a little embarrassing for us boys having the girls see us all naked.

But this was only in the junior classes as I mentioned, during boys swims over 13 females were not allowed in the pool. It was the same during swim meets, the junior teams up to 12 or 13 years old always competed in the nude in front of mixed spectators. Boys teams over 13 wore brief speedos. Yes, my Mom and sister watched me regularly, so did my Aunt and her oldest daughter Annie.

Even my next door neighbor did at the invitation of my mother. Author: Edward Smith [ Edit View ]. Any decent respectful female would have immediately turned around whilst shielding their eyes, and waited outside.

I can only assume that this lot were a load of low life pervs who get a kick out of looking at 16 years old boys' naked bodies. And they go to church? Not the sort I would like to invite to my church. Author: Kevin [ Edit View ]. I grew up in a home with a private backyard and skinny dipped all the time.

It was typically just mom and my two younger sisters, and it ever bothered me. I was a competition swimmer in high school and of course we wore tight Speedos to minimize drag and they draw attention to the butt and groin - this used to make me feel more on display than being nude. Author: Male35 to Amy [ Edit View ].

It was the same in our class when I took lessons at age Each girl assistant took a group of 4 or 5 boys under her charge. Since there were usually about 15 to 20 boys taking lessons there would be 4 assistants with a group of boys in different parts of the pool.

What I found strange at the time was that the girls would hold us with one hand Naked swim meets our chests and the other cupping our genitals to keep us level in the water when teaching different strokes or to keep us afloat. Admittedly it was embarrassing with her cupping and fingering our penis and balls, but I suppose it was the natural way to keep us in balance in the water. Teams after that age wore brief type speedos. As another poster mentioned this was not for the boys modesty but so as not to offend the female spectators' sensibilities. In fact if the spectators were all male the older boys also took part in the nude.

I guess the difference was that they saw young boys being nude as cute and inoffensive in front of females, but older teen boys would have been seen as gross and improper in front of females.

None the less the girls same age or younger, or a bit older than the young boys saw it as exciting watching all those nude boys. I was not on the swim teams but attended several meets as a spectator and could notice the young girls excitement at seeing so much boy nudity. Rude comments were of course not allowed in front of the adult spectators and the girls would just whisper in each others ears, so it just went unnoticed. Author: John [ Edit View ].

I am 50 years old and my wife is 33 year's old. I don't know why it came up but I told her how when I was younger I would swim nude at the Boy's Club.

At first she thought I was making it up but as I saw story after story she began to understand what I was telling her was the truth. I guess if you didn't grow up with it and by today's standards it is hard to believe it was allowed. My story happened in the mid 70s and by then or at least in my city swim meets your had to wear a bathing suit. A fact I didn't know and showed up at my first practice without a suit.

The female coach said no way could i practice nude and told me to Naked swim meets there. Again ok with being nude around people in the pool area. I immediately stripped off my clothes. She wasn't ready for that and said if you waited a minute I would have gave you some privacy. I was 14 at the time and started reaching puberty a year or so earlier, So I had hair down there and was more developed than the average 14 year old.

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I guess she couldn't help it because it was so unexpected she looked at my private area and said, You should really start wearing a bathing suit when you swim from now on. Im sure you have noticed the changes your body has gone though and you're not a little boy anymore and beginning to more like a young man than a young boy. Like I said the Speedo was too small for me if I was a medium back then the bathing Naked swim meets had to be an extra small. I wiggled and struggled to get them on.

Immediately they felt uncomfortable and too tight. In all the time swimming nude I never felt embarrassed or subconscious about my body. I never felt the need to be I grew up with the people I swim with and I have seen them and they have seen me. Oddly enough no one I saw made fun of others or the boys that were late to develop. It was just something we didn't do or care to do.

That seemed strange and weird. But standing in these Speedos so tight it wrapped around my penis and it made it stand out and with the material rubbing against my penis it wasn't long after that did it get erected and that made things worse, now the top of my penis Helmet was clear to see the outline and I tried to adjust but if I put it up some of it came out of the suit and when I push it down I couldn't hide it.

The coach seeing my problem said, Don't worry about you can skip practice and I wont sit you at the swim meet but you have to get a bathing suit between now and then. The one that fits because I can't have you walk out like that.

I think she felt bad for me and could see I was embarrassed and confused about the whole situation. She sat next to me and asked, Hasn't your Mother or father talked to you about the normal changes you're going though and you might see other boys your age swimming nude this is something you should stop doing and wear a bathing suit from now on.