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Nude swimming race

No part of Adams House evokes more fond memories from alumni than the swimming pool, which was closed in the early s.

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As some of you know, this subject is more than a passing interest of mine. The good news: finally, I found a nude open water swimming race stumbled on it, actually. It is in an interesting location.

The race is a 2. Very doable.

There are roughly swimmers. Only about 25 do it nude.

One third of them are female. Is it me, or is this weird?

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The bad news: it is 8, miles away. Auckland Davenport New Zealand. The sponsor has an excellent advertisement link attached although rather casually slipped in is the fact that the water temperature is slightly over 18 degrees Celsius that is 65 Fahrenheit. You probably will not get hyperthermia, but that is not the test for having fun.

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Great concept, but more work is needed. Push the event into February when the water temperature climbs above Better yet, just move the event to South Florida, where the surf temperature never gets below Just stage the race there. Nix the mid swim outfit change routine.

Swimmers can wear whatever they want, or nothing. Do it for charity and tell everyone to buy something before leaving town to make the local merchants happy. Maybe Naked Wines or Naked Juice or some brand with nude or naked in the brand name would sponsor the event.

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I would hope South Florida could field a better crowd than Auckland. New Zealand has one person for every 6 sheep. Sure seems to put the nude swimmers at a huge disadvantage. The nude swimmers should demand and get equal treatment. It's simply prudery and discrimination.

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My bad. Yeah that seems super cumbersome.

I suppose if it's a public event they have to abide by nudity laws or something. I guess it kinda makes sense of coming ashore where there might be a lot of people. But not just taking your suit off on the boat before jumping in seems silly.

I can't imagine there's more that the competitors and some crew on the boat. Found the internet! Mixed nude swim race. Posted by 1 year ago.

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