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By Todd Gilchrist Open Water: An Interview with Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis "Open Water's grassroots success at this year's Sundance Film Festival was the biggest sensation since 's "Blair Witch Project", not the least of which because of its combination of believable scares and "stranger than fiction" inventiveness.

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Research shows a connection between kids' healthy self-esteem and positive, diverse representations in books, TV shows, and movies. Want to help us help them? Suggest a diversity update. The only main character of color is the inept captain that inadvertently leaves the couple behind. Also, the couple are downright nasty to each other at times during their ordeal.

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If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member advertisement Open Water R - 6. A man and a woman Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis are desperate for a relaxing vacation, and decide to participate in a day of scuba diving in deep sea waters, enjoying the underwater fauna, which includes sharks and eels.

However, when they re-surface they realize they have been left behind by the tour boat.

For the rest of the day and through the night they try to remain calm, while fighting seasickness, leg cramps, dehydration, jellyfish stings and sharks. Ostensibly based on true events. Directed by Chris Kentis.

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People on a boat dance together and people dance at a restaurant. A drinking mug is shaped like a breast with the nipple as the drinking spout it's called "little sipper".

We see people on a beach in swimsuits men with bare chests and women in bikinis. A shark bumps into a man and a woman, the man drops his knife, the shark tugs on the man pulling him under water, he yells and says that he has been bitten we see a chunk of his leg missing and the water around them becomes tinged red.

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We see a bloody dead shark on a fishing boat, its fins are cut off, its abdomen is cut open, we see intestines spill out, and a man pulls the contents of its stomach out including a camera. In several scenes, many sharks circle and splash near two people floating in the ocean -- the people panic and are very frightened.

Many, many sharks circle a woman floating in the ocean. A woman sleeps while floating in the ocean, a shark bumps into her waking her up, and she panics when the man she was with is nowhere in sight. A man awakens while floating in the ocean and panics when the woman he was with is not with him.

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We see small gashes on a woman's leg, and a bit of tissue and blood floats in the water. A woman yells after having been stung by a jellyfish, then the man with her yells when he is also stung. Lightning flashes as a storm moves in, a man and a woman float in pitch-black water and panic when they hear splashing around them, but cannot see anything; a shark rubs against the woman's leg, the man screams he is bitten by a shark and we see him floating unconscious.

A shark swims very close to a man and a woman in the ocean and the man pulls out his knife. A man and a woman argue. A man and a woman scream and cry on separate occasions in frustration and terror when they realize they have been left behind in the middle of the ocean. A woman submerges herself and does not come back up.

Blanchard ryan - open water ()

Birds circle over a man and a woman floating in the ocean. We see people scuba diving and investigating sharks and eels. A woman is nauseated from seasickness and dehydration. A man talks about the marine life that divers would be seeing underwater, including moray eels, stingrays and sharks.

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A man kills a bug on a wall with a rolled up magazine. A statue of a shark hangs by its tail and a man puts his head in its mouth. A woman vomits in water we see goo floating. We hear that people have urinated in the water.

Few things are as terrifying as being abandoned in the sea. Be aware that while we do our best to avoid spoilers it is impossible to disguise all details and some may reveal crucial plot elements.

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