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Rome flynn nude

The solution is here! Smith reprised the role for an appearance inbut when the character was brought back inhe was an adult and played by daytime newcomer Rome Flynn.

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Just how much does Gabriel know? How to Get Away with Murder naturally dropped Rome flynn nude bombshell of all bombshells in its midseason finale, revealing that Gabriel Maddox Rome Flynn was actually Sam Keating's Tom Verica son from his marriage. Now, we know very little about Sam's pre-Annalise Viola Davis years, but we do know that he supposedly cheated on his wife with her, ultimately leaving the woman to marry Annalise. Up until now, there's been no mention that Sam had ever had a kid with her, but apparently there was a son, and that son turned out to be Gabriel Maddox. Now the big question seems to be: How much does Gabriel know about how his father actually died, and how does he plan to use that knowledge if he has it? TV Guide spoke to Rome Flynn about Gabriel's relationship or lack thereof with Sam, upcoming flashbacks to his younger years, and just how much this kid knows about Sam's murder and how Annalise and her students covered it up in Season 1.

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Rome flynn accused of sleeping with underage girls he responds to deny

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How to get away with murder's rome flynn teases 'important' young gabriel flashbacks

Thread starter bruhbruh Start date Oct 12, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to .

First Prev 10 of 17 Go to. ed Jul 9, Messages 3, Reactions 15, Alleybux ,, ed Apr 1, Messages 61 Reactions 48 2 Alleybux 92, ed Mar 10, Messages 30, Reactions6, 4, AlleybuxLight skin black man. Click to expand ed Mar 23, Messages 4, Reactions 23, AlleybuxHe only responded to the not liking black women part for some reason and totally ignored the pedo allegations. ed Dec 7, Messages Reactions 9, Alleybux 94, Twitter is extremely toxic and I cannot take the platform seriously for numerous reasons.

Rome Flynn is an attractive guy, corny, very sub par actor, so I don't really have much of an opinion on him tbh. Just based off of some of tweets regarding this situation I've noticed: 1. People seem more outraged by the fact he "doesn't date black women", over this pedophile allegation.

I have a man, so I could care less about who another man who is not my man is laying up with. The tweet featuring him calling that girl bald headed is rather hypocritical because unless I'm missing something, it appears as if she came for him first with the "beard not connecting" tweet You can't claim colorism when someone comes back at you with the same energy you served to them. Every body is casually calling him a pedo based off of a single screenshot from an anonymous person, but I have not seen one solid proof of evidence that can back up these claims.

I take sexual assault and predatory behavior very seriously as someone who has been victim of these things, and when these cases are justifiably brought to light, the voices of victims must be heard, but these are SERIOUS allegations.

This is not something at all to take lightly, and if you are going to publicly accuse somebody of something of this measure, you'd better have a reasonable evidence to back it up. Not too long ago, a young boy killed himself over false rape accusations. At my school, a boy was kicked off of his team and other organizations because of a false accusation. Defamation of character is nothing to play with. If he is truly guilty, may whatever was done in the dark come Rome flynn nude light and receives that karmabut until then, it does not sit right with me for people to be calling this man a pedophile so loosely.

Last edited: Oct 13, ed Jun 22, Messages 31, Reactions 86, 2, 2, Alleybux 15, Dear Lana If a person is attracted to someone that is a teen and has gone through puberty they are to be called an Ephedophile. Paedophiles or Pedophiles are attracted to little children. This site is full of the strangest people. How are you skeptical or disagreeing with a definition?

There are technical terms that differentiate between adults being into 16 year olds and an adult that will molest 4 year old. ed Jul 8, Messages Reactions 1, 10 Alleybux 27, Creole Praline. ed Nov 3, Messages 6, Reactions 63, 1, 1, AlleybuxThis little girls can post any and everything online. Anyone can say a friend of a friend, who knew this other friend of a friend was raped, touched, assaulted and harassed. Provide proof or sit down.

No ones out and about like that right now. The time they spend patrolling his likes could be spent gathering pics, texts, names, dates, times and facts. They could blow this wide open. Because this ish seems to be a figment of their imagination.

Witch Please. ed Jan 27, Messages 5, Reactions 48, 1, AlleybuxI thought he was a cute exotical but I'm not surprised by his personality. Idk whether he's actually a pedo or not as no evidence was provided, but his responses show that he's garbage.

Jaja59 said:. ed Feb 22, Messages 3, Reactions 29, 43 65 Alleybux 89, ed Jan 13, Messages 21, Reactions 77, 1, AlleybuxThere's no evidence of him being a pedo, especially when everyone is claiming he's DMing girls that can just screenshot their receipts. He isn't denying it and focusing on the anti-black part of the accusations and not the pedophilia, though.

Adela Lee. ed May 8, Messages 3, Reactions 17, 1, 1, Alleybux 79, Some of you bitter bitches are just angry cuz you think he doesn't like black women. Anyways, if there's no evidence then I refuse to believe shit.

People can't just go around spreading rumors that could ruin his career. When was this? ed Dec 8, Messages 5, Reactions 25, 13 27 Alleybux ed Oct 8, Messages Reactions 5 Alleybux 0. Rome is a self hating narcissist.

I put nothing past him. It's amazing how people feel free to falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct these days. He should sue. I1ie2muuch said:. Y'all really need to leave this man alone. Doing all this just because he likes white women? ed Mar 23, Messages Reactions 2, 35 14 AlleybuxKanethia said:. That top tweet is so right Black women are the only women that can't comfortably have short hair without being clowned for it.

ed Sep 8, Messages Reactions 1 AlleybuxNever heard of him but sheesh he is fineeee af, unless Rome flynn nude being a pedo is true, then I retract my statement. ed Jan 1, Messages 1, Reactions 5, 36 AlleybuxI wanna eat his butt so bad.

ed Feb 21, Messages 17, Reactions2, 1, Alleybux 19, GoldenJohnson said:. Low self esteem black women have tried to ruin myron roles career and nate parkers as well.