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Today I am wearing lacy black underwear For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.

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A loud bang erupted through your room, from you slamming the door.

But he opened it anyway. It doesn't matter. It does. You weren't me.

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You didn't see the way your mum looked at me as if she'd never seen me in her life. Because she hadn't! If I told them about you they would make me break up with you! Did you just hope your parents would never be in when I came round? Or is that why you only invite me round when no ones there?

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Oh, how was I so stupid! Of course it was! You don't understand how mortifying that was. ANY kind of preparation for that would've helped. But I was bare - you made me feel completely emotionally naked. You heard him exhale through his nose, and then drag his feet out of your bedroom. Pulling at your shirt nervously, as you often did, you neared the impressive house before you. After finding out his mother, and consequently entire family, knew nothing of your existence, and then the argument that followed, you were apprehensive to see Zach. This had been your first real fight since you had gotten together, and you were scared.

Because although you were extremely mad at him, you didn't want this to be the end.

You slowly moved your hand to the door knob and exhaled heavily, tonight would be the illuminating moment on whether or not this was it. The party was alive with the stench of alcohol perforating your nostrils and the Ross butler naked atmosphere closing in on you. You hoped maybe to avoid Zach the whole time, and not have to face whatever was coming. And - you were gonna get absolutely shitfaced. Because Bryce had only invited the few of you to hang around his, there was A LOT of alcohol to go around, and you were planning to take full advantage of that.

The room you entered had a few people sat around the sofa area, and Jess trying to make Justin dance- who was obviously not drunk enough yet. Justin is being such a kill. After a few shots of vodka, you started feeling the desired buzz. So you decided to take Jess up on her offer, and dance with her. The two of you danced for what felt like hours, swinging your hips and whipping your hair about, not to mention finding everything completely hilarious and doing a few more shots throughout.

You felt a hand on your back as you were pouring yourself a drink. You turned to reveal Zach. You scoffed. Who did he think he was. I can do what I want, Zach.

I'm saying you're clearly upset and drinking will only make it worse. You haven't- you're not a drinker. This isn't you! You don't care enough about me to not be embarrassed by me- so I'll save you the trouble and ask you to stay away.

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Guess I was stupid, as usual. Later, after what was maybe your eighth shot, you reed Jess - only to have your legs betray you, and you fell into a glass cabinet. A big, expensive, breakable glass cabinet. The following moments were a series of events in quick succession, of which you were unsure due to your intoxication. But what you were sure of, was the feeling of someone's arms around you. The next thing you noticed was that you were sporting red liquid in some places, which didn't quite click to you yet as blood, or if It did, you didn't care enough.

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And then you realised that a few moments ago someone had been shouting your name. Zach was carrying you in his arms outside somewhere. You were too drunk to protest, so you let him take you into the empty summerhouse and lay you onto to sofa. Then he perched beside you. Falling into a large glass surface can cause problems. He can afford another.

I care way more about you. Looking down at your hands as Zach made movements towards them, you noticed just how much blood was spilling out of your right palm and screamed in shock. You used that hand to break your fall, so it's worse off than the rest of you.

You winced at the pain, but it was muted due to the alcohol you'd consumed. You wouldn't like to imagine how this would feel sober. The alcohol solution cleared any excess blood, leaving Zach to see what the hand was really like. There were a few small lumps of glass, but the injuries themselves were not too bad at all, given the fall. Zach removed the glass lumps using tweezers, comforting you each time you would wince or jump. He then applied some antiseptic and bandaged around your hand. He was true to his word, and it wasn't long before he had returned.

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After a big gulp, you realised he'd spent a long time here looking after you. I've been horrible tonight.

What I did was shit. I'm telling my family that you are my girlfriend and that i love you as soon as I get home, I'm not going to let anything they say stop us from being together - if you'll still have me? He leant down and placed his lips on your forehead gently. Please just fuck off right now?! Continue Reading. Too bad he's a princ Why would someone so rich, run away from their perfect home?

To get away To get away from all the stupid people and comments they made. She ran aw By YohoAruto Fantasy. Basic Synopsis: Maki Tanaka is lazy. Really, that's it. Real Synopsis: Maki Tanaka had died after being pushed in front of the speeding truck.

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