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Running naked in the woods

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Only in Texas.

A naked man running through the woods near Houston scared a woman half to death, and the whole thing might have happened because there wasn't a porta-potty nearby. Police said Scott Stephens was charged with disorderly conduct after running through the woods naked.

When they talked to the man he said he was only naked because he had to defecate, according to The Houston Chronicle. The woman told a patrol sergeant that she saw the man come out of the trees and start to walk in her direction with what appeared to be an article of clothing draped over his forearm. She told officers she didn't stick around long enough to see exactly what it was, and she took off running because she thought he was chasing her.

Two thoughts here: One, I probably would have freaked out and taken off running too, if a naked anything suddenly emerged from the trees. And two, there are not enough porta-potties in the world. I'm not going to pretend to know the absolute truth about the intentions or the interpretations of those involved, but if you're talking about it, I wanted to the conversation.

It's an odd story that Texas has to file away as one of its own, and we've got a naked man, a woman that was frightened enough to call the police, and an explanation that officers probably don't hear every day. Texas' Best Rock.

Jen Austin Published: May 24, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Filed Under: houstonnakednewspolicetexas. : East Texas NewsNews.

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