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Russell crowe naked

March 8, Everyone deals with divorce differently.

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Los Angeles - Russell Crowe kept finding small stones in unwanted places after filming nude scenes for Noah. The Hollywood star hits the big screen as the titular character in the biblical epic and days after shooting scenes on an Icelandic beach he found stones "falling out" from crevices in his body when he was getting dressed. Russell Crowe in Noah. Paramount Pictures The year-old actor has been quoted saying: "That was pretty much all day lying around naked and they have these little stones, right, it's kind of as the lava meets the sea and they get smoothed off and what have you He ly explained: "You come out of this movie and you want to talk

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Out-there costumes were no match for the out-there craziness that happened last night at the 15th Annual Costume Deers Guild Awards.

If it's any indicator of what's going to happen the rest of Oscars week in Hollywood, well then I sure as heck can't wait! Tate was there to support Argo costume deer Jackie West.

By the way, I actually stole a scarf from my character's [wardrobe] on Argo, even though we never used it in the film. It was freezing in Turkey!

But don't tell anyone. Gabriel Mann Revenge The Tommy Hilfiger-clad Revenge star told me if he was brave enough, he'd like to come "buck-naked" on a red carpet.

Although I'm happy to wear a sharp suit most of the time. Although if I could wear a sweatsuit Or actually, can Ugg make head-to-toe.

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By Jessica Radloff. So, unlike my fellow Obsessdies Megan and Anna, I didn't cry when the Les Miserables trailer hit the internet yesterday.

By Lauren Brown. Russell Crowe that are calling to me today. They're all "Beth, this is what your hair should look like By Beth Shapouri.

It was the moob shot you know, man boobs seen around the world: Gerard Butler stepped out of a pool on vacay recently, and photogs snapped the once-famously-fit actor in a state of "pudginess. By Sarah Jio. My mom always told me to take note of how a man treats a server, housekeeper or cab driver, because eventually, that's how he'll treat you.

As a former waitress, I pay pretty close attention to how people tip.

Russell crowe: nude scene nixed film

When your income depends on gratuities, you become much more aware of just how cheap people can be. By Shallon Lester. I'm not sure exactly how or when this whole movement of male stars rocking shoulder-length locks got started. But with Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell sporting long hair on the red carpet in the last couple of weeks, it certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

I have deemed the phenomenon "man locks," and although the look itself is not new Rewards Free Stuff Promos. Girls in the Beauty Department.

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