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Taylor swift real naked

Taylor Swift appears naked in the music video her song " Ready For it?

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One detail about Taylor Swift's "Ready for It" music video jumped out at fans almost instantly: She appears to be naked for nearly half of it. In several frames, we watch the pop star fight a villain version of herself while seemingly wearing nothing. Yes, neon lights and special effects cover up certain parts of Swift's body, but it's wildly evident she's in her birthday suit—or so we thought. As it turns out, Swift actually wasn't naked in this music video: She was wearing a skin-tight bodysuit.

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The video made its world debut on Friday, and the shocking images it contained sparked an almost immediate controversy online. In a clip, the rapper is seen naked in bed next to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

But as Us Weekly noted, the video gets even more controversial from there as the camera pans back, viewers can see are 10 other naked celebrities, including Taylor Swift, George W. The video prompted many people to go online in an effort to find out if that really was Taylor Swift posing nude in "Famous," or whether it was just a bit of trick photography. It seemed unlikely that Swift would agree to pose naked as she's generally not the type to appear even in racy swimsuits and especially in a video for Kanye West, who she has been locked in an extended feud with dating back to Kanye crashing the stage during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards.

But the question of whether that really was Taylor Swift appearing naked in "Famous" was left intentionally vague.

Taylor swift nearly bares all in her nude "ready for it" bodysuit

Vanity Fair noted that Kanye West played a very involved role in the video's editing and was very tight-lipped over which celebrities may have actually appeared. There are reports that Kanye West has audio proof that Taylor Swift gave the OK to appear in "Famous," with a secret recording of the singer allegedly in his back pocket.

There were rumors that Kanye might release that audio with the release of "Famous," but it never surfaced. The likely only cause of action Taylor would have against Kanye after releasing the tape would be misappropriations of name or likeness. If Taylor decided to take Kanye to court for [it], she might receive minimal damages,' he explains.

So it wouldn't really be worth it for Tay to sue him, since she wouldn't get much out of it. Taylor Swift has yet to officially respond to the "Famous" video and confirm whether that is really her appearing in it, but the internet has had a good time imagining her response.

Taylor swift goes totally naked in new music video

As the video became the biggest trending topic on Twitter late Friday night, many posted memes of Taylor's imagined response to seeing herself naked. Trending Stories.

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