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sweet woman Paula

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When you first meet Kendall, you look at her face. She is beautiful. Checking off an inventory of the things that made a girl beautiful, intelligence, personality, sense of humor, face, ass, tits, and legs, this blonde had all of her boxes checked.

I do believe that I am in love with her. Although we had not had sex yet she touched my cock a few times. Once after classes she allowed me to put my hand in her panties.

It was amazing, my fingers slipped between her slick pussy lips and I even inserted one finger in her wet tunnel. Yesterday she asked if would like to come to her house after school. The moment I saw her running downstairs I realized she was in the mood to something more than jerking me off!

My sexy, busty blonde girlfriend was sitting on the floor in her room, and touching herself! She was in her tiny pink shorts and a top that barely covered her tits. This stunning girl was horny, and seeing her like that made me weak.

She flashed me a slime and continued rubbing her pussy over her shorts. She finally hooked her fingers into the hem of her shorts, and pulled them down, all the way over her feet.

She threw them across the room, close to me, then proceeded to take off her top. She loved teasing me and I was looking at her beautiful naked body, her tits were beautiful! Her legs were slightly opened and I could see her pussy!

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Her pussy was the prettiest I had ever seen. Rubbing her pussy in front of me she told me she wanted to suck my cock! My baby got on her knees, and she traced her finger over her lips while describing to me how bad she wanted my cock in her mouth. I saw her eyes lit up when I quickly out popped my raging hard on. My beautiful naked girlfriend got closer to me and wrapped her hands and mouth around my cock. While she sucked on my tip and traced it with her tongue, her hands were busy stroking my shaft.

I kept my mouth shut, letting her work for it. The feeling was too good and the sounds of her sloppy blowjob were almost too much. She pulled her mouth off of my cock, drool running down her chin. She moved her head, and I placed my hand on the back of her head, helping her to deepthroat me.

She pulled away to catch her breath, and she smiled at me again. I grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over to stand on all her fours. She parted her legs, hoping to feel my cock on her opening, but I wanted to lick her pussy.

I got on my knees, behind her, and I brought my lips close to her pussy. I licked her slit with my tongue, starting at her opening, tracing it all the way to her clit. Her pussy is the most perfect beautiful gorgeous pink pussy in existence! Once I had enough of tasting her, I stood up and positioned my cock on her slit.

The feeling was incredible! I could feel her pussy clench against my cock. It was very tight there, I got my shaft in to the maximum and pulled it out to rammm it in again. She was aching for my cock, and to feel me stretch her pussy out. I began pushing my dick inside of her, pounding her immediately, never giving her a chance to take a break. She said that she wanted to ride me, and so I laid down on my back.

I had a perfect view of her gorgeous pussy and her big tits. Soon I felt her cum, before shooting my own load inside of her. Apparently, this guy has the best luck in the whole world. This time, she hooked up with a particularly curvy, platinum blonde cutie who was just as mischievous.

Before heading for some private, one-on-one action, the two wanted to fool around with the guy.

The girls found him in the living room, his face buried in his phone. The blonde took the opportunity to take her big, supple, natural tits out and jiggle them right behind him. The lesbian duo had fun laughing at his ignorance before they sneaked back to the bedroom. Once there, the brunette immediately went to work. She started slobbering on the rock hard nipples of her blonde girlfriend with a passion before giving her a long, wet kiss and undoing her shorts.

Just like that, she ended up between those legs, placing her tongue on a pulsating, already wet, shaved snatch. The moment she started eating that snatch out, the blonde started moaning in pleasure, fondling her breasts and enjoying the show. The brunette was screaming while having her trimmed pussy grinding off of that shaved cunt and the blonde was relentless. The lesbians were moving, rubbing, grinding their clits against each other. One intense, mutual orgasm later, and the brunette was back between those legs, licking her girl up. His cock jumped and went stone hard at the sight.

The blonde, losing her mind with horniness, sneakily invited him in. The moment he approached, he put his dick onto her face and she started sucking him off.

Her lesbian girlfriend still had no idea what was happening while the blonde was in heaven with a dick in her mouth and a tongue in her pussy. However, all of them were already turned on so hard that it took just a bit of convincing and the threesome was well underway. Being a good peacekeeper, the blonde went on her knees between the two roommates. With a schlong on one side and a trimmed pussy on the other, she was now taking turns giving both of the erotic oral pleasure.

The blonde lied down on the bed on her back and the brunette mounted her face.

The guy took advantage of the situation and shoved his throbbing member deep inside that dripping cunt. One sloppy double blowjob and cowgirl riding later, and the brunette finally gave in, hungry to see how that dick feels inside of her. However, once she took it with her pussy, she wanted it inside her tight ass as well and they continued with balls deep anal hammering!

Lesbians always know how to find each other, any place, any time. Two blondes are both out for some late night groceries without a clue as to how wild their night will end up. As there is no one around, the girls decide The hotest naked girls in the world is the right place for their unexpected sex session.

The sexy blonde spre her legs, and the tattooed dike can notice, she is not wearing no panties under her dress and her pussy is glistening. She takes her clit in her mouth and sucks sucks sucks. She licks up the sides, swirls her tongue around.

She spre her little pussy lips with her fingers and sticks her tongue inside. She is a master at it, as her partner is about to cum. Fucking in public is something she does all the time. She is a slut and was never ashamed of that. She loves this pussy as it tastes so good, and listening to her lover breathing hard and moaning is the music to her ears. Luckily, the other dike is also great at it.

She starts by carefully licking her pussy and even her asshole, showing that she is a pervert at heart. On her knees, she laps up her pussy, feeling her juice starting to flow down on her tongue. She keeps doing going faster, knowing that it will make her tattooed lover. She is rubbing her face all over her wet cunt as she continues to lick and suck her. They need to cum as many times as they can before they leave this place. There is also time for pussy rubbing that finally makes the orgasm. They are both experts that know how to satisfy another girl, so this is almost like a friendly competition between them.

Finally, the naked girls end up scissoring. Their goal now is to try and cum at the same time, as their warm pussies are colliding.

They are grinding their hips and clits against each other. In the end, these two sexy sapphics go for sixty-nine, licking their pussies once more.

Even though one of the employees catches them doing it, he stays silent, not believing what is going on.