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Us womens hockey team naked

By gaining equitable treatment and winning the world championship, members of U. Subscribe today! The U.

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Sauce Us a Follow. Share this article. With the validation of the game in the United States reaching monumental status, there were other symbolic aspects that would add to is growing popularity. Six members of the gold medal winning roster have shown tremendous bravura, appearing in the s of the ESPN Body Issue.

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From the issues, we are used to seeing mainly solo shots, however, these ladies took it above and beyond.

And we cannot be more proud of them. I mean, seeing a firm athletic body of a hot girl is almost too good to be true.

At least not yet. So, there is a women hockey team, huh?

Growing up in a small city full of hockey enthusiasts, I am aware that girls play hockey, too. But did you know it?

In case you are not familiar, I am more than happy to enlighten you with this sexy video of U. We would learn just so much more. If nothing else, we would at least listen more.

Anyway, where am I going with all this? Annually, ESPN features only the best of the best athletes and makes them strip down and show their incredible body physiques.

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If there is nudity, then we will probably write about it. Just, you know, to take a slight break from the good old pornography we serve you with on a daily basis. Well, not really, but more and more superstars and athletes are taking it all off and revealing more than they ever were. Boy, we sure are completely fine with it.

Some naked skin or all of it never hurt anybody. If we are used to only single shots of nude athletes, today we bring you something special.

Fully naked they went on the ice hockey rink and do what they do best — play hockey. What can I do, seeing a group of hot professional female athletes show their naked bodies is something that does not happen on a daily basis.

I might be used to seeing all kinds of porn videos, but this definitely is something new for me. Do whatever you have to do with the behind the scenes video above, I know I am going to watch it for at least one more time. Who knows, I may missed some stuff on the first two watches.

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